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PGA Tour 2K23: How To Get More Backspin On Your Shots

Following a two-year wait, 2K brought golf (and Tiger Woods) back to video games with the return of its "PGA Tour" franchise. Featuring a host of pro golfers and real-world courses, "PGA Tour 2K23" received solid reviews at launch, leaving some fans eager to hop onto the digital links and start building their skills. While the basics are easy enough to pick up, it takes a true pro to master the nuances. Club selection, reading the green, and hitting in different wind conditions are all skills that need to be honed to take strokes over a score and improve a handicap.


Yet another simple but important trick to learn is the ability to put backspin on a shot. Backspin, as the name implies, causes a ball to spin backwards as it moves through the air. This spin can be useful when hitting into the wind, causing the ball to go farther. It's also vital for hitting onto the green under certain circumstances by slowing it down when it hits the ground, preventing it from going too far. Despite being such a vital tool in a golfer's arsenal, backspins are mercifully easy to perform in "PGA Tour 2K23."

Add backspin to hit into the wind or slow down a ball on the green

As Gamepur laid out, putting spin on the ball is quite simple. Once a player has lined up their shot, they just need to open the spin control by hitting L1 or LB (for the PlayStation and Xbox respectively) and then use the right analog to change how the ball will spin. It's important to avoid hitting the left stick during this procedure as that will change how high or low in the air the ball is hit. Unless the player is interested in changing that as well, they should focus on the right stick.


Move the right stick down to increase the backspin but be careful not to go overboard with it. It takes practice to learn just how much spin a given shot calls for. Conversely, moving the right stick up will add topspin, causing the ball to spin forward, which can be useful when the ball needs to roll further after hitting the green. Using backspin and topspin are skills that are easy to learn but tough to master. Knowing the mechanics of how to do it, though, is the first step to mastery.