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Amouranth's Friends Attempt To Reach Her After Abusive Relationship Reveal

The following article includes references to animal cruelty and allegations of domestic abuse.

On October 15, 2022, Amouranth revealed that she was stuck in an abusive marriage while streaming live. According to the streamer, her husband has had control of her finances, threatened to kill her dogs, and has physically broken things in their home when she's tried to leave. Additionally, Amouranth called her husband on the phone, at which point he verbally berated her, and she showed her viewers text messages between the two in which he apparently threatened her multiple times. While the streamer has endured many tragic experiences, including encounters with stalkers, she's reportedly had to deal with it all at home as well.


Several streamers have come out in support of Amouranth since then, including Asmongold, Valkyrae, Ethan Klein, and HasanAbi. However, some are also asking for her friends to check in on her because no one's heard from Amouranth publicly since the stream. The livestream in which Amouranth unveiled this disturbing information ended abruptly. Some of Amouranth's fellow streamers have attempted to make contact, and some have seen a bit more success than others.

Alinity, PeachJars, and Ludwig have all reached out

A few streamers and friends of Amouranth have reached out regarding her safety. Alinity explained that she tried to get in touch with Amouranth, but didn't hear back from her. This led to her calling the police and asking them to perform a welfare check. However, the police wouldn't definitively tell Alinity if Amouranth was safe or not.


Ludwig also reached out, explaining in a livestream that he spoke with one of her managers, who said that Amouranth was safe. However, he pointed out that the manager's words didn't feel quite as reassuring as hearing from Amouranth herself would be.

Beyond that, friend and fellow streamer PeachJars has tweeted that Amouranth is safe. Although PeachJars felt awkward talking about Amouranth's personal life on social media, she did explain, "I trust her support system and she also has so many people around her willing to support as well." Ludwig commented, however, that PeachJars' source of information was probably similar to his own, calling into question whether or not the other streamer had directly spoken to Amouranth. Fans and friends continue to wait for updates.


If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic abuse, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233. You can also find more information, resources, and support at their website.