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Amouranth Calls Out Her Terrifying Twitch Stalker

Streaming comes with its own unique set of challenges, especially for women who make a career out of being online. It's an all-too-familiar story at this point, unfortunately: Emiru has said she's scared of IRL streams because she's previously dealt with people following her near her home in Kansas. Beddle endured horrifying stalker drama, saying a fan found out where she lived and began to send her threatening information. Even Valkyrae had to temporarily go private on Twitter to shake unwanted attention that had been plaguing her. Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa has certainly dealt with a number of unpleasant interactions with fans over the years, but she was recently forced into an even more dangerous position when a stalker began using Twitch itself against her. 

While blowing up in 2021, Amouranth began to deliver her fans the content they craved, participating in steamy ASMR streams, sleeping on camera, and lounging in hot tubs to gain views. For the most part, it's worked, and Amouranth has continued to make headlines as she trolls both her fans and critics.

However, even Amouranth deals with tragedy, and she's feared for her life more than once when fans became obsessive. The streamer recently confessed on Twitter that she's been dealing with a terrifying stalker for a while now. Perhaps the scariest part of the story is that Amouranth claims her obsessive fan is in the same city as she is, allegedly looking for her around the clock. Even worse? This is not the first time she's dealt with a stalker, and it likely won't be the last.

This isn't Amouranth's first stalker

Back in 2021, after she gained a massive following on Twitch, one of Amouranth's fans simply went too far. Amouranth told podcaster and YouTuber Ethan Klein that she had a fan who was convinced he was engaged to her and even flew to Houston in order to be with her. He messaged her asking if she was going to pick him up from the airport. Thankfully, nothing came of that incident, but it wasn't the end of Amouranth's obsessive fans.

Talking with YouTuber Anthony Padilla, Amouranth explained that she regularly receives death threats from both her haters and her fans. She said that the threats usually don't bother her much, and that it's all "hot air. Anybody who has the resources to actually make these kinds of things happen typically don't have enough time or the desire to hate people online in a chatroom." She said that in some ways her haters are her biggest fans, so she's made peace with the negative comments she receives. Engagement is engagement after all, and even people who make threats will pay for the privilege to do so.

That being said, fans that will subscribe to Amouranth in order to yell at her aren't the real problem. The true issue is when fans take things too far, showing up at her home in order to find her. And that's exactly what seems to have happened with this most recent case.

Amouranth asks fans not to report the stalker's channel

On June 7, Amouranth posted on her more personal Twitter account that she was dealing with a stalker. She said that she'd been dealing with the stalker for almost a month, explaining, "He literally watches my stream all day and badly mimics everything I do (does ASMR badly, takes a shower on his twitch stream when I'm in the hot tub)." The fan's doubling of Amouranth's streams was frightening enough, but the lengths he went to in order to find Amouranth were even more disturbing. This obsessive fan has taken to streaming his efforts to locate Amouranth on Twitch, even going so far as to label his streams with title like, "Find Kaitlyn and make her mine."

Amouranth urged her fans to not report the fan's channel, saying that she wants him to remain active so she (and police) can keep an eye on his activities. "​​Because he had traveled all the way from ESTONIA to my city, living in a nearby hotel I want his stream to remain up so I can keep a close tab on him," she tweeted. Amouranth claimed that she's more worried about this fan than those who have tracked her down in the past because he seems to have sold all of his things (including his home) in order to make the trip. That sort of behavior could be dangerous, especially if the stalker depletes all his resources.

On her end, Amouranth has notified the police, who are monitoring the situation. However, she said that police don't have enough information to make an arrest just yet. The stream, no matter how disturbing it is, could provide the information needed to crack the case. For now, Amouranth is staying level-headed and keeping in contact with law enforcement to ensure her safety. In the meantime, fans are hoping for the best.