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Elden Ring: We Finally Know What's Inside Rennala's Egg

As 2022 comes to a close, Fromsoftware's masterpiece "Elden Ring" remains one of the most memorable gaming experiences of the year for many. And because of the sheer scope of the game and the passion players have for exploring it, gamers continue to uncover secrets hidden within "Elden Ring." For example, a gamer utilized their out-of-bounds skills to find out where bosses go to hide when they aren't sparring with the player.

Now, another mystery has been solved, which could change how players look at Rennala Queen of the Full Moon. Sorcerer Renalla is the shard bearer boss who's impossible to miss, residing in the Academy of Raya Lucaria and surrounded by her crawling scholars. As players may remember, Renalla keeps an enigmatic orange egg close to her, which plays a pivotal role in the boss's cutscene. But players could only speculate about what was inside the egg for the longest time. However, that all changed after a savvy player recently cracked the egg and took a peek inside.

The egg is stuffed with creepy humanoids

On October 15, Soulsborne content creator Zullie the Witch uploaded a YouTube video that closely examines what's inside Rennala's Amber Egg. Although Zullie the Witch's previously uploaded a video showcased the inside of the egg, which consisted of an assortment of polygons, the YouTuber recently discovered another version of the egg found during the boss's phase transition cutscene. And the inside of this newly discovered egg is much different than the in-game model.

After peering inside the egg, Zullie the Witch revealed multiple curled-up Juvenile Scholars cramped inside. The Scholars lack detailed textures, but their hair is the same as the crawling Scholars in the library, leaving the YouTuber to believe they are smaller versions of the Scholars players encounter in the battle. Why the Scholars are missing from Rennala's egg in-game is still a mystery, but there are some theories.

Zullie the Witch theorized that Fromsoftware could have replaced the cutscene egg with the censored version for ESRB rating reasons. Another theory was that the Scholars in the egg would have made for less than subtle storytelling. Players can already see that Rennala is fixated on rebirth via her rune and her ability to respec the player, so it may have made things too obvious. Still, the inside of the egg is a fascinating discovery and makes players wonder what else is hidden in "Elden Ring" waiting to be discovered.