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Elden Ring Player Discovers Where The Bosses Go To Hide

Some would assume that after five months of "Elden Ring," every secret in FromSoftware's masterpiece has been discovered, but because the gaming community's love for "Elden Ring" is so immense, some talented individuals are stopping at nothing to find out everything they can about the Lands Between.


Modders have taken extreme measures to discover things the developers never planned on revealing. For example, data miners have peered into the game's code to find removed content, such as a more powerful Melania that poses a larger threat to the player. Another data miner found a lost colosseum with some of its PvP functionality still intact. But some users are still finding secrets out in Elden Ring the old fashioned way.

Recently, an inquisitive Redditor found something of interest at the bottom of the "Elden Ring" map without manipulating the game's code, and it has gamers intrigued. What they found was a hidden boss model that could confirm a theory about where bosses go to hide.

Some bosses have two models

In a Reddit video posted by vlad17design, the user first demonstrates how they got to the bottom of the Erdtree. To begin, they start at the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace and equip Malenia's Blade. Then, after a series of impressive parkour jumps using the sword's special move, the user runs through a fake wall and ends up at the base of the Erdtree. Standing there motionless is a model of Hoarah Loux.


Hoarah Loux, of course, is the version of Godfrey encountered in the second phase of the penultimate boss fight. The user then demonstrates that the frozen model has a health bar but can not take damage. After checking out Hoarah Loux, the user dives further into the tree and spots what looks to be the Elden Beast hiding under the map.

 Many commenters suggested that bosses with second phases have their second form hidden underground. Then, when the cutscene plays for the boss's transition, the models are switched out. They also mentioned the Fire Giant's second phase model being previously spotted underground, further backing up the theory. 

As for the explanation, one commenter stated that the game engine has problems spawning characters with AI, so every character is already loaded into the world beforehand and hidden away. But because the bosses cant die under there, there isn't a point to exploring it further except for curiosity's sake.