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Amouranth Reveals She's Finally 'Free' From Her Husband In Return Stream

The following article includes references to animal cruelty and allegations of domestic abuse.

After revealing that she was stuck in an abusive marriage on Oct. 15, Amouranth disappeared from the internet for a few days. While many of her friends attempted to check on her, no one had heard directly from Amouranth, which left many fans worried. Two days later, Amouranth hopped back on stream and let fans know that she was safe and accounted for after the reveal of another tragic detail in her life.


Amouranth first explained that she and her dogs, which her husband threatened to kill, were safe. Before providing more updates, she first thanked fans for their support and apologized for the intense phone call she shared on stream with her husband, as it could have been difficult to hear for unsuspecting viewers.

The streamer did say that she's back in control of her social media accounts and bank accounts, which her husband had allegedly used as leverage to manipulate her. She's also seeking counseling for legal matters and her emotional state after going through the ordeal. It's clear that the situation has weighed heavily on Amouranth, as she was understandably uncomfortable sharing the information, pausing several times while talking, and even joking about whether to drink alcohol or water. In addition to updating fans on her safety, Amouranth hinted at what's to come in her professional career.


Where Amouranth is headed

While discussing the situation, Amouranth explained that it's a relief for her marriage to be revealed, but also a lot to take in at once. She's also dealing with the process of finding a new cameraman. She felt like her previous one was originally trying to escalate tensions between the married couple by withholding communication and calling the police at TwitchCon, where there were a ton of people live-streaming.


Amouranth explained that she needs time before coming back to the streaming space so that she can decide what the best course of action is. She did point out that she wants to continue streaming, but that the streams may look a bit different. She said she wants to do more animal streams while also relaxing and spending less time streaming in general. She's also excited at the idea that she can wear whatever she wants during streaming sessions, instead of highlighting certain body parts.

As for her marriage, Amouranth did reveal that things were in the process of changing. Amouranth said that the phone call on stream was the first time that her husband had listened to himself. He was finally able to see just how abusive and toxic he was during the fight, and he left the couple's home to seek help, according to Amouranth.


If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic abuse, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233. You can also find more information, resources, and support at their website.