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Persona 5 Royal: Remember To Feed Your Plant Every Chance You Get

"Persona 5" is a social sim almost as much as it is a turn-based RPG. You (a.k.a. The Joker) are a high school student with a double life as a dream world vigilante, but you also need to take care of real life matters like hanging out with your friends and being a generally decent human being. The game measures this with social stats like Kindness, one of the five social stats that affect your relationships with Confidantes. For example, Ann is one of your earliest teammates, but you won't be able to bond with her until you reach Kindness Level 2. Thankfully, you can raise your kindness level easily with little things like hanging out with Sojiro, working at the flower shop or bar, or taking care of your plant. 

Yes, taking care of plants is considered a kindness in this world. You actually have one from the start, sitting in a neglected corner of your room. Players can easily unlock the potted plant after cleaning up their room in the attic of Cafe LeBlanc. After that, it will be available to accept nutrients every 16 days. That means you can save money to buy the best nutrients and be ready for the next "feeding" day. Here's where to get the best nutrients for your plant. 

Best nutrients to give your plant in Persona 5

The quality of nutrients you give your plant matters because of the number of Kindness points they yield. There are three kinds of nutrients you can give your plant, but you should always go with the highest quality one if you can afford it and know where it is. The most valuable is the Mega Fertilizer from Flower Shop Sukebe in Shinjuku, which costs a hefty 3,000 yen but boosts your Kindness stat by 3 points. It reportedly even boosts it by 4 points if you get a Fortune beforehand.

The other options are Garden Energy and Bio Nutrients. Garden Energy is the most basic plant nutrient but works if you don't have anything else. It rewards you with the least Kindness points out of the three and can be found in the Rocinante Discount Store on Shibuya Central Street. Bio Nutrients, the second-tier plant nutrient, rewards more Kindness points than Garden Energy and less than Mega Fertilizer. It's sold in the Rafflesia Flower Shop in the Underground Mall, which is also a place you can work as a part-time job for more Kindness points.

"Persona 5" is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. According to the latest reviews, the ports stack up pretty well next to the original PlayStation games.