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Persona 5 Royal's Calling Postcards Are A Great Way To Increase Confidant Points

"Persona 5 Royal" has one of the most robust social systems in a JRPG. Each day means dungeon diving and hanging out with a charming cast of characters to woo over with gifts. One of these gifts is a Calling Postcard that can be sent to any Confidant. They might seem like just novelty items you can buy at the store, but they raise your affinity levels with the recipient by 1. 


Many players miss this small way to raise their Confidant Levels because the game doesn't explain how to use the Postcards. One player explains that it can be as simple as not knowing where to find the mailbox. For the record, the red mailbox you need to send these postcards is in Yongen-Jaya

Examine the mailbox to view the menu of Confidants you can send the Postcard to and select one. The effects are immediate. As seen in YouTuber oinka's clip, Joker muses that he feels closer to school counselor Maruki after sending a Postcard to him. 

Use the Calling Postcards wisely! There's a limited number of them in the game. Here's where to get them.

Where to get Calling Postcards

Calling Postcards mostly come from the Rocinante Discount Store in Shibuya Central Street. The store carries them between September 1 and October 10, a.k.a. at the height of the Phantom Thieves' popularity. There's only one available at a time and they restock every week. Thankfully, these Calling Postcards cost only 500 yen each.


The second best place to get them is from watching TV back at Cafe LeBlanc. Tune into the Home Shopping Program on September 25 to buy the Phantom Thieves Calling Postcards set. It costs 2,000 yen but comes with three Calling Postcards, which is only slightly more than it would be from accumulating three from the Rocinante Discount Store. Actually, though, you should be buying from both sources.

There's no recommended way to use these Calling Postcards. Just spend them on the characters you need to level up right away, depending on the objectives you want to complete. 

"Persona 5 Royal" is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch thanks to the new ports.