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Overwatch 2: Console Players Frustrated By Losing Aim Assist

"Overwatch 2" got off to a rocky start. On launch day and the days that followed, players were met with incredibly long queue times preventing them from playing the game. But that's not all. Once they logged in, players were greeted with many bugs and missing content that prevented them from enjoying the game fully. And it seems that even after Blizzard fixed some of the problems, complaints are still coming in. But this time, players are complaining about an intended feature, not a bug.

As the release of "Overwatch 2" approached, many "Overwatch" players pleaded with Blizzard to add aim assist for "Overwatch 2" cross-play. For the uninitiated, aim assist is a feature prevalent in many console FPS games that aids the player by helping them snap onto opponents if their crosshairs are close enough. This can make up for the imprecise movements of an analog controller (per Washington post). But because "Overwatch" lacked aim assist in cross-play, many reported that they didn't stand a chance against PC players. Some fans even pointed to popular games like "Warzone" that already have cross-play aim assist, proving that it isn't necessarily impractical. Needless to say, console players are not especially happy with the state of "Overwatch 2" cross-play.

Console players are at a disadvantage when playing with PC friends

Following the "Overwatch 2" release, a post cropped up on Reddit titled "Disabled Aim Assist in Crossplay has made it difficult for my friends to play together." The post has amassed over 19k upvotes, implying that the original poster is from the only player struggling with this issue. In the post, the user writes that in PC pool matchmaking, console aim assist is disabled, which makes them feel like they're playing at a disadvantage and has made the game less enjoyable. And they continued by stating that buying an expensive PC just to play with their friends on the same level wasn't a viable solution for them.

Few in the comments sections disagreed with this sentiment. One user pointed out that because competitive matchmaking isn't cross-play, its seems like there's no reason for Blizzard not to add aim assist to casual multiplayer. While others wrote that they didn't even know about PC lobbies, stating, "now it explains why the characters I play always feel "off" when I play with my PC friends." Another user came up with the solution of allowing players to plug in a mouse and keyboard to their console for "Overwatch," but that's not a catch-all for every player. 

Blizzard has yet to address the situation, and it is unclear if it is actively working on a solution. And to be fair, Blizzard may have more pressing matters to attend to, what with multiple reports of players having their entire computer shut down while playing "Overwatch 2."