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The Major Features Coming In Halo Infinite's Winter Update

"Halo Infinite" developer 343 Industries has had a rough time this year. Fans on the "Halo" forums have discussed the game's struggle to keep players for months, pointing to a lack of clear communication, customization, and content. It also doesn't help that 343 Industries and Xbox Game Studios have delayed the much-coveted Forge and campaign co-op modes more than once since "Halo Infinite" released last December.

Now, it looks like the situation might take a positive turn thanks to what 343 has designated as the Winter Update. A new, in-depth overview on the official "Halo" YouTube channel provided a rundown of all fans can look forward to in this content drop. Following the limited entry Test Flight in July, the developers will finally launch campaign co-op. As evidenced by the overview segment's nearly 13-minute runtime, 343 Industries has even more in store for "Halo Infinite" players.

New modes, maps, XP system, and battle pass

In the overview video, head of creative Joseph Staten describes the "Halo Infinite" Winter Update as "our holiday celebration of all things 'Halo.'" Arriving November 8, the content drop will usher in campaign co-op and an open beta for the latest Forge mode. According to Forge lead designer Michael Schorr, this will be the studio's "most powerful Forge tool yet." As in the past, players will have online access to custom maps and modes created by others. People who had early access to the new Forge mode have already created some impressive levels, such as Red Nomster's Kokiri Forest from "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time." 

On the multiplayer side, 343 will show off the Forge mode even further by adding Argyle and Detachment, two new, "Forge-created maps", into multiplayer matchmaking. Covert One-Flag, a new asymmetrical mode, will join these maps. In the mode, one team attacks in an attempt to steal a flag with the use of infinite Active Camo, while the defending team must try to detect these invaders with Threat Sensors.

A long-requested XP system will finally reward players with XP for participating in and completing matches. This system will even upgrade players through their existing battle passes or the Winter Update's new "30-tier free battle pass". "Halo Infinite" players also have two events to look forward to: Winter Contingency 2 in December and Joint Fire in January 2023.