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Persona 5 Royal: The Best Gifts To Give Kasumi

Raising your relationship with party members and other allies, known as confidants, plays a key role in "Persona 5." The "Royal" version of the title, which packs loads of additional content into the experience, boasts a unique confidant: cheerful gymnast Kasumi Yoshizawa. Even if you don't want Joker to start a romantic relationship with Kasumi, growing his relationship with her should still prove worthwhile. 

As the confidant of the Faith Arcana, forming a stronger bond with Kasumi will allow a player to receive bonus experience and a higher chance at specific rewards when fusing Faith persons. Giving confidants gifts serves as one of the best methods for solidifying your bond with them; however, you shouldn't run to the store and buy presents willy-nilly. Characters have gift preferences, and Kasumi is no exception. Luckily, you have plenty of items to choose from to boost your standing with her.

The six gifts that give the best bonuses

As laid out in a handy-dandy rundown of specific stats over on RPG Site, "Persona 5 Royal" includes five different gifts that will give a +3 boost to Joker's relationship with Kasumi. Players can head to the Underground Mall to purchase the Designer Perfume, Mini Cactus, and Crimson Lipstick for 7,800 Yen, 1,600 Yen, and 6,000 Yen, respectively. Akihabara Electronics sells the Face Beautifier for 9,800 Yen, and Shinjuku offers the Rose Bouquet for 2,400, but only at night.

In addition to the aforementioned +3 social boost, each of the above gifts (with the exception of the Designer Perfume) prompts a "unique reaction" from Kasumi. You can also give the presents to Kasumi as a platonic friend. If you want to win her heart, consider offering up the Heart Ring. Found in the Underground Mall, it also grants a +3 boost; however, it costs a whopping 88,000 Yen.

While giving gifts to Kasumi is a fantastic way to strengthen the relationship, keep in mind that choosing specific dialogue options when speaking with her will also influence what she thinks of your protagonist. Some of these conversations crop up when you have the opportunity to give her a gift. Luckily, RPG Site also has a handy guide for saying exactly what Kasumi would like to hear.