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How Long Does It Take To Beat Persona 5 Royal?

Atlus packed 2016's "Persona 5" full of content, including places to visit, confidants to spend time with, minigames to play, personas to collect, and bosses to fight. A single playthrough can hit the triple digits in terms of hours, but even that pales in comparison to the expanded "Persona 5 Royal." "Persona 5" isn't the first game in the franchise to get an expanded edition. "Persona 3" had the "FES" expansion and "Persona 4" had the "Golden" expansion. These weren't small additions to the games either. Both of them offered several additional hours of gameplay modes and story expansions. "Persona 5 Royal" is no different.


When "Persona 5 Royal" came to the West in 2020, it added even more details for avid fans to sink their teeth into. The expansion offers new features to streamline the gameplay, new companions to spend time with, and a new district for players to explore. There is also an entire extra semester of content after the main narrative waiting for those who know how to unlock it. This can have a considerable effect on how long it takes a player to beat "Persona 5 Royal," but just how much longer is it than the base version?

Persona 5 Royal takes 106-145 hours to beat

How Long to Beat took the playtimes from over 2,500 "Persona 5 Royal" players and discovered that the average time for just the main campaign was 106 hours and 5 minutes, the average time for completing the main story plus a few extra quests was 127 hours and 40 minutes, and the average time for completionists who wanted to do everything the game has to offer was 145 hours and 51 minutes.


Most of these times are markedly longer than those reported for the original version of the game, although it's worth noting that they don't seem to reflect the full weight of all the ~30 hours of added content in the expansion. This is likely due to the fact that the extra semester needs to be unlocked through a series of in-game choices. Many players who beat the game without realizing this may complete the campaign without ever accessing it, making their playthrough significantly shorter than others.