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Why You Should Do All The Training Missions In Gotham Knights

Rather than playing as the Caped Crusader, "Gotham Knights" puts gamers in the utility belts of other members of the Bat Family as they fight to protect Gotham in the wake of Batman's death. Though the title left critics split, it did receive praise for its co-op mechanics.

Thankfully, for those who do decide to take a chance on the game and start dealing out justice as their favorite Bat-sidekick, there's no shortage of content to check out. 

"Gotham Knights" takes an estimated 30 hours to complete – more for those who thoroughly explore the city and fully level up their characters. With all the stuff to do and all the enemies to fight, players might decide to skip over the training missions in the game. While these sequences may not seem as exciting, players should consider completing them anyway, as they offer ample rewards for the time investment.

Learn moves and gain quick XP through training missions

The "Gotham Knights" training missions are worthwhile for learning the various and sometimes complex movesets of the four playable characters. While you can work through the entire game with only one, those who like variety or want to experience the story from multiple perspectives will want to swap out heroes on a regular basis. Since Robin, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Nightwing each have their own moves and combat style, learning how to utilize them will serve you well, as IGN pointed out.

Further, Twinfinite noted that training missions serve as a good source of quick and easy XP. This makes them ideal for fast leveling between story missions. Also, as Hardcore Gamer explained, players need to finish the Timed Strike training to complete the Knighthood challenge. This will grant access to the Heroic Travel ability for all four protagonists and open up new possibilities in the game. Given all these advantages, there's no reason to sleep on training missions. Easily accessible in the Belfry during the day, players should check them out as soon as possible.