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Ninja Reveals Why He Fell Off Of Warzone

Tyler Blevins, better known as "Ninja," has built a massive following streaming competitive shooters and battle royales. While "Fortnite" largely kicked off his career, he has dabbled in lots of different games in and out of his core genres. The list of titles he has streamed over the years includes "Warzone," but much like Dr Disrespect, Ninja has lost interest in the "Call of Duty" entry. Choosing to focus on "Fortnite" and other games, "Warzone" has disappeared from his radar.

Ninja's YouTube channel has filled with "Fortnite" content lately. In contrast, years have passed since he released a video focusing on the "Warzone." Recently, Ninja explained why he's fallen off of "Warzone" and what he sees as the biggest issues with the game while speaking to football analyst and commentator Pat McAfee on his podcast. His ruminations may resonate with other critics of the game and he hopes that they will offer guidance to the developers going forward.

Ninja says Warzone isn't interesting anymore

During the podcast, Pat McAfee asked Ninja about his feelings on "Warzone" and whether he felt a rivalry existed between "Warzone" and "Fortnite" fans. Ninja dodged the rivalry angle, noting that he enjoyed both games. However, he did indicate that he has mostly lost interest in "Warzone" at the moment and offered some constructive criticism for its development team.

"'Warzone' right now is just not, like, piquing my interest," Ninja stated. He went on to explain that the game is simultaneously too "old" and changed too often. He clarified that "Warzone" constantly morphs into a new game with a new map, even when players see the current map as a hit. He specifically seemed to dislike the current map, Caldera, and suggested Raven Software should have kept the previous map around longer.

In addition to these critiques, Ninja also had some general advice for developers of competitive shooters. He noted that good ranking systems can make or break a title. Singling out "Apex Legends" as a prime example to follow, he argued that a solid ranking system can keep the competition fierce and exciting. According to Ninja, regular updates that improve gameplay without completely changing the experience and a well-designed ranking system would appear to be the keys to success in a competitive genre.