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The Overwatch 2 Lúcio Skin You Should Avoid At All Costs

"Overwatch 2" players, beware: Lúcio has a skin that could cost you victory just for equipping it.

Out of every "Overwatch 2" launch character, Lúcio is one of the best out there, with his speed-based tactics, versatile healing abilities, and unique sonic amplifier weapon making him a stellar support character for pretty much any team. The new game has also given the character a slick redesign, as he now sports a more streamlined iteration of his trademark indigo-and-neon-green suit.

But while Lúcio is a great pick in most scenarios, players have discovered a worrying glitch connected to one particular skin for the character. Generally speaking, "Overwatch 2" character skins are intended to be purely cosmetic and have no impact on actual gameplay, just like how they were handled in the original game. Unfortunately, this Lúcio-related bug could put users at a severe disadvantage when they're duking it out on the battlefield as the speedy DJ.

Lúcio's Snow Fox skin gives away your location

If you're using Lúcio's Snow Fox skin in "Overwatch 2," you can forget trying to be sneaky. As u/FidgetSpinnetMan pointed out in a Reddit post, the skin currently has a bug that allows other players to see where the character is — even through walls. While Lúcio himself isn't visible through solid surfaces, the ice effects from the skin are, and they can be used to pinpoint the user's location when they clip through the scenery.

The Snow Fox skin is just one of the numerous items that players of "Overwatch" can bring forward to "Overwatch 2" if they obtained it within the original game. It seems the cosmetic wasn't properly optimized for use in the sequel. It's far from the game's only buggy feature thus far, too. "Overwatch 2" got off to a seriously rocky start, with game errors preventing players from logging in, cosmetics from the original "Overwatch" not carrying over, and even the presence of a bug shutting down players' PCs.

At the time of reporting, it's unknown when the Snow Fox cosmetic issue will be addressed. Previously, glitches involving Bastion and Torbjörn led Blizzard Entertainment to temporarily remove the characters from the majority of game modes on October 10. Those characters are set to be fully re-added on October 25, marking an absence of over two weeks. Considering that Lucio's issue is only related to one particular cosmetic, it should hopefully be an easier and quicker bug squash this time around.