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Star Wars Eclipse Leaks Were Apparently On Purpose

It's been a little over ten months since Quantic Dream unveiled its "Star Wars" action-adventure game "Star Wars Eclipse" at The Game Awards. Its reveal immediately hyped players, as "Star Wars Eclipse" is set to explore relatively uncharted territory in the "Star Wars" universe, taking place during the High Republic era, hundreds of years before the Skywalker saga. But besides the handful of cinematic footage shown in the reveal trailer, nothing else has been revealed about the upcoming game — until a few days ago.

Recently Sacred Symbols (transcribed by VGC) reported on an alleged leak that gave gamers new details about the upcoming game, including introducing the main character. According to the leaks, the main character goes by the name of Sara and is a member of a human-like race that's never before seen in "Star Wars." She is described as "a fanatical true believer in the violence and criminality" of the Empire, according to Sacred Symbols' Colin Moriarty. In addition, Moriarty alleged that Sara is married to a character named Xendo and that "part of the game seems to revolve around these two characters and their relationship."

But to the dismay of "Star Wars" fans, the leak also suggested that "Star Wars Eclipse" is not in active production or is still in the very early stages. And according to a more recent report, the leak was intentional and done to remedy one of the game's major development woes.

Developer allegedly wanted to drive up interest and fill some vacancies

According to Insider Gaming's Tom Henderson, the information obtained by Sacred Symbols was part of a controlled leak to "gauge community reactions and to help with Quantic's talent recruitment efforts." Quantic Dream has struggled with recruitment for some time, as shortly after the game's reveal, there were over 60 job openings for Quantic Dream Paris. And it seems the company is still struggling to hire talent.

 Many have speculated that Quantic Dream has had trouble hiring employees due to the company's alleged toxic work environment (via Xfire). Additionally, fans have found out that David Cage is on board as a writer for the game. Cage is a controversial figure who was previously hit with allegations that they used homophobic, sexist, and racist remarks around the office (via CheckpointGaming). So, it's easy to see why developers and artists aren't jumping at the opportunity to join the Quantic Dream team. Furthermore, "Star Wars Eclipse" isn't expected to release until 2026, to the dismay of "Star Wars" fans, according to Henderson. It's unclear if the lengthy timeline is due to hiring difficulties or the scope of the game itself.