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Doom Is Playing In A Chocolate Bar In Time For Halloween

ID Software's 1993 first-person shooter classic for the MS-DOS, "Doom," has stood the test of time. Doomguy's demon-killing antics shaped the future of video games awarding "Doom" a spot on many gamers' lists of best games of all time. That said, perhaps the most significant legacy left by "Doom" is fans' ambitions to get the old-school title running on just about anything imaginable.


For years players have been porting the original "Doom" to devices with no right running the game. The trend began in 2006 when a user showcased "Doom" running on the Nintendo DS. It eventually became a meme, with users progressively one-upping each other by porting the game to weirder and weirder devices such as a graphic calculator, an ATM, and even Twitter. But recently, one savvy YouTuber uploaded one of the wildest "Doom" ports yet, and its overt Halloween theme makes it the perfect way to play "Doom" during the spooky season.

Here's the wacky way one YouTuber showed the world that even when it comes to Halloween candy, it runs "Doom." 

A candy bar can run Doom?

On October 21, Adafruit Industries uploaded a YouTube video titled "Candy of Doom – Do not eat if it's turing complete." The video begins with an individual unwrapping a Milky Way bar, accompanied by narration. "Adafruit would like to remind parents this Halloween to please carefully inspect your kids' candy." This, of course, is a reference to the Check Your Kid's Halloween Candy meme, where users put unlikely things in Halloween candy to parody the fears parents have of strangers putting drugs or sharp objects in the candy they pass out on Halloween.


Upon unwrapping the candy bar, "Doom" can be seen running on a tiny screen in the middle of a Milky Way bar. This outing for "Doom" appears to be more video than game, as there are no controls in sight. After showcasing some gameplay, the narrator concluded with the joke, "Do not eat if it's turing complete." 

Although Adafruit didn't detail how they put "Doom" in a candy bar, their blog provides some of the tools viewers at home would need to build a "Doom" candy bar for themselves. These tools include mini circuit boards and directions on how to program microcontrollers. Who knows, maybe a complete "Doom" on a candy bar tutorial will pop up on the site before the spooky season ends for anyone that wants to attempt the candy build themselves.