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Destiny 2 Festival Of The Lost: The Quickest Way To Farm Spectral Pages

The Festival of the Lost has returned to "Destiny," and like last year, players will find themselves diving into Haunted Lost Sectors to convert one of the seasonal event's quest items, Spectral Pages, into Manifested pages. While there has been plenty to keep players entertained throughout the Season 18 roadmap, the returning Halloween celebration offers a nice change of pace before major economy changes come to the game next season and the newest expansion, "Lightfall," follows a few months later. 

While the activities Festival of the Lost offers hasn't changed much since last year, the event launched with a stumble and has had players chasing after Spectral Pages ever since. When Festival of the Lost became available in-game players quickly reported that instead of turning into Manifested Pages after completing a Haunted Lost Sector, Spectral Pages were disappearing from players' inventories. Bungie addressed and later announced a fix had been implemented, but now it looks like the issue has cropped up yet again.

As if disappearing quest items weren't annoying enough, Spectral Pages aren't exactly a bountiful commodity. In most cases, players can expect to net three to five Spectral Pages from a variety of different Activities, making the loss sting all the more. That said, there is a way to ensure Guardians always get five Spectral Pages for a measly ten minutes of effort — making this one of the most lucrative ways to farm the resource.

Nightmare Containment and its associated gear award more Spectral Pages

To make farming Spectral Pages easier, players will want to head into the Nightmare Containment Seasonal Activity introduced in Season 17. Thankfully, this free activity is open to all players regardless of expansion or season ownership. However, there's one other thing players will also need: a Halloween mask. For the mask, players can obtain one without much trouble from Eva Levante in the Tower, and it's the key to the Spectral Pages appearing as a reward. If players forget to equip the mask, their efforts will be for naught.

Nightmare Containment is made up of three phases or tiers. In tiers one and two, players will defend a specific map point from waves of enemies and eliminate priority targets, culminating in a fight with a mini-boss at the end of each tier. The third tier pits Guardians against a final boss and reprises some of the aforementioned mechanics. Players will be awarded Spectral Pages after each tier, with one Page after completing tiers one and two and three offered up when Guardians eliminate the final boss.

Though there's an easy and repeatable way to farm Spectral Pages, players should be careful not to attempt converting them into Manifested pages via the Haunted Lost Sectors until Bungie confirms the disappearing act has been fixed.