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How Long Does It Take To Beat Lies Of P?

The massively popular "Elden Ring" set a series record in terms of sales and players, and so it's only natural that we'll be seeing more soulslike games seeking to put their own spin on FromSoftware's tried and true formula. One of which, is "Lies of P." 


Scheduled for release during the summer of 2023, "Lies of P" is being developed by the South Korean studio Round8, and published by Neowiz. The "P" in the game's title stands for Pinocchio, as that is the character that players will use to navigate the half-destroyed Belle-Epoque city of Krat. The game isn't anything like Disney's interpretation of the character, however, as the world that Round8 has created is a much darker and more menacing.

Now, thanks to an interview between the site Prankster101 and "Lies of P" director, Choi Ji-Won, we have a bit more info about the game's content, including an approximation of how long it should take for players to beat.

Lies of P should take roughly 30 hours to beat

According to Choi Ji-Won, completing the critical story path in "Lies of P" doesn't sound too dissimilar from how long it takes to beat games such as "Elden Ring," "Bloodborne," and "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice." As Choi says in the interview, "If you basically go through the game, it will take around 30 hours. But if you thoroughly check all of the contents that are hidden in the game, then it will be around 60 hours." Again, 30 hours is fairly close to the amount of time it takes to beat FromSoftware titles, so "Lies of P" is sticking close to the scope of the games that inspired it. Still, it seems like there will be plenty of additional exploration possible for those who want even more content.


As the interview goes on, Choi explains that one of the goals in creating "Lies of P" was to simultaneously target players seeking shorter and longer playtimes. "So I decided to go with a game that has a longer playtime. But even for the player who wants to enjoy the shorter game, they can take it stage by stage. Each stage, if you really go through it, will take around 10 hours, and each stage has different characteristics and features." Of course, each one of those stages will have plenty of secrets and optional side content for those that want to wring out as much time with the game as possible.

Additionally, Choi states that he and his studio have big plans for the game's future including DLC and even a possible sequel. Time will tell if Round8 will be able to achieve enough success to follow through on these plans, but, after nearly three years in development, it should be exciting to see what "Lies of P" has in store.