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Destiny 2: The Best Arc 3.0 Titan Build

Season 19 of "Destiny 2" offers some real treats for players, both new and old. Alongside the complete rework of the Arc subclass to bring it in line with the other 3.0 Light-based options, the season also marks the return of the fan-favorite King's Fall Raid and features a swashbuckling pirate-themed seasonal questline. While players are sure to enjoy delving into Oryx's lair in King's Fall or blasting enemies apart with the powerful new Cry Mutiny grenade launcher, the real prize of the season is the new ways Guardians can build themselves via the updated Arc subclass.


Void and Solar subclasses already saw a rework, following in the footsteps of the "Beyond Light" expansion's Stasis subclass. All three Light subclasses now have access to a variety of Aspects, Fragments, and Abilities that can dramatically alter how the subclass plays. That said, some builds are better at taking advantage of new in-game buffs and statuses like Amplified and Jolt. For Titans specifically, there are some builds that turn players into a rampaging tempest of destruction. Even better, the best builds offer some wiggle room so Titans can remain flexible to excel in any role. Here's the best build for Arc 3.0 Titans.

Aspects, Fragments, and Abilities

For Aspects, Titans will want to go with Touch of Thunder and Knockout. Touch of Thunder adds various effects to the different grenade types, but for Pulse Grenades specifically, it'll increase damage and create Ionic Traces. Ionic Traces are a unique feature to Arc 3.0 subclasses; when collected, they'll regenerate ability energy. Knockout will empower a Titan's melee attacks with Arc energy after popping an enemy's shield or grievously wounding them. Additionally, when active, melee kills will cause the Titan to become Amplified and begin healing. Amplified is a buff Titans will want to have as often as possible, as It offers players a speed boost and increases weapon handling.


The Fragments Titan players will want to equip are Spark of Resistance for a solid increase in Strength and a 25 percent damage reduction when close to enemies, Spark of Shock to add Jolt to the already-buffed Pulse Grenades, Spark of Ions to further increase Ionic Trace generation when Jolting targets, and Spark of Magnitude to increase the duration of Pulse Grenades further.

Regarding Abilities, Pulse Grenades are a necessity, but Thunderclap and Thruster also work exceptionally well for Melee and Class picks, respectively.

Curiass of the Falling Star, Precious Scars, or Heart of Inmost Light

The beauty of this Arc 3.0 Titan build is that it's flexible enough to allow players to shift focus between survival, boss damage, and add clear without much more than swapping a couple pieces of armor and a few mods. The driving force in how this build functions will depend on the Exotic armor piece chosen to complement the build. Depending on a Titan's needs, the best choices are Curiass of the Falling Star, Precious Scars, and Heart of Inmost Light.


For non-Raid or sub-Master content, players are likely better off with Heart of Inmost Light, as the Exotic chest piece increases ability regen even further and empowers melee and grenades. Players won't ever want for Ability energy between this effect and the constant flow of Ionic Traces.

Curaiss of the Falling Star is what Titans want to break out to deal enormous boss damage in Raids or higher difficulty Nightfalls. The chest armor empowers the Thundercrash Super to deal double damage and provides players with a shield whose strength is relative to the distance traveled while using the Super.

If Titans are worried about surviving difficult content like a Master Raid or Grandmaster Nightfall, they may want to consider working the Precious Scars Exotic helmet into their build. While it will take more mod and armor swapping to get off the ground compared to others, it offers stellar healing so long as players get Arc weapon kills.


Mods and stat aspirations

With the heart of the build set, all that's left is for Titans to mod up their armor and get their stats where they should be. Mods choices don't differ much between the Heart of Inmost Light and Curaiss of the Falling Star loadouts, but there are some differences if going with Precious Scars.


Generally, Titans will want to equip Double Ashes to Assets, Elemental Charge, Elemental Ordinance, Impact Induction, Well of Ions, Heavy Handed, and Lightning Strikes Twice. Players must use at least two Solar and two Arc armor pieces to make these mods work. If players can work in a Stasis Titan Mark, Utility Kickstart is a great compliment to the expensive Lightning Strikes Twice mod.

For Precious Scars, Titans will focus on getting as high resistance as possible. This build will call for two Well of Tenacity mods, Reaping Wellmaker, Harmonic Siphon, Bountiful Wells, Recuperation, Innervation, Elemental Time Dilation, and two Utility Kickstart mods. That means Titans will need to use three Void armor pieces alongside a Solar and Stasis pick.


For stats, all versions of the build will want to focus on getting Resilience to 100 first, then aim to get Discipline to 100 too. The third priority can vary depending on the Exotic choice, but Intellect or Strength are generally good options.