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Modern Warfare 2: The Two Safe Codes For The Alone Mission

While not every critic has loved it, early reactions to "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" have mostly been saying the same thing – that the game's campaign is a successful addition to the franchise. In terms of how long it takes to beat the campaign, it's certainly not the longest game around at just under eight hours, but it's packed with memorable missions and some that may take players more than one shot to master. Such is the case for the "Gentleman Thief" Achievement or Trophy — which will require players to find and unlock secret safes full of hidden valuables in some outings.


The "Alone" mission in "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" is one example, beholden to tucked away goodies if players know where to look. What's more, players will have to rely on stealth and wits to make it through the mission. While it's entirely possible to complete this mission without getting what's stored in the two safes, the contents will prove particularly valuable during this stealth-focused game segment and pave the way toward a new Achievement or Trophy. Here's what's in the safes in the "Alone" mission and how to open each.

Throwing knives, a silenced .50 GS, and a crossbow

The first safe is inside a coffee shop, but getting there means passing a shotgun trap aimed at a green door. Players will have to disarm said trap, head up the stairs, and open the door at the end of the corridor. Once through, a crawling man will appear, and just past this man, the coffee shop awaits. In the coffee shop, players will need to use a Pry Tool to open the locked office door. Inside is the first of the mission's safes, opened with the combination 10-10-80. Players will be rewarded with a throwing knife and a silenced .50 GS pistol. 


The second safe isn't far from the first, and players should make their way down from the coffee shop to ground level. The next building to head to has a bright light and the words "El Maistro" written above the door in bold lettering. The safe in this building is near a water cooler toward the back. The combination 37-60-80 opens the safe to reveal another throwing knife and a crossbow with two bolts. Now armed with a handful of stealthy weapons, players are set to finish the mission as silently as they like, and it'll just take the safes in the "El Sin Nombre" mission to net a Trophy or Achievement.