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The Best Places To Find Diamonds In Minecraft

"Minecraft" officially released back in 2011, but it's still going strong today. A new update, planned for 2023, is set to add lots of exciting new content. With the game just as good as ever and still improving, now is as good a time as any to start exploring, crafting, and building. 


For those who are looking to jump into the charming, blocky world of "Minecraft," it's important to know the ins and outs of mining and where to look for the more valuable resources. Topping the list of resources to look out for is most certainly diamonds. Diamonds are necessary for crafting some of the better weapons and armor, but they're also great for making fun and useful items like the jukebox and the enchanting table. They can be traded for emeralds, another helpful resource, and can be used at beacons to gain various buffs.

As valuable as they are, new players will want to know where to look to have the best chance of finding diamonds as they explore the endless map.

Mine diamonds from diamond ore

There are two ways to obtain diamonds in "Minecraft" and, while rare, a player can increase their chances of finding them if they know where to look. First and, foremost, players should always keep an eye out for diamond ore as they venture underground. Unfortunately, you have to mine quite far to hit diamond. Unfortunately, you have to mine quite far to hit diamond, which is represented by gray blocks with blue spots.


Diamond ore can be mined with an iron (or better) pickaxe and can be found between levels 50 and 60. However, it's most likely to turn up at level 59 but aim for level 53 as you won't have the risk of running into lava rivers. When going on the hunt, it's also helpful to bring a pickaxe that's been enchanted with Fortune as this will net more diamonds from every block of ore that's mined.

Diamond ore can also be found in caves, though this carries the risk of encountering monsters, so digging down is often a better strategy for diamond hunters. 

Find diamonds in treasure chests

For those that want to take a break from mining and try some old-fashioned treasure hunting, diamonds can also be found in chests throughout the world. As a player explores, they will come across various structures and locations, some of which may have chests that can be searched. If they're lucky, a player may come away with a shiny new diamond.


The odds of finding a diamond in a chest varies based on where the chest is located, and the "Minecraft" wiki page on diamonds provides a handy chart for determining where to focus a hunt. By far, buried treasure chests are the most likely to yield a diamond and can most often be found under beaches and water. Bastion remnant, shipwreck, End city locations also have decent odds of producing chests with diamonds. However, diamonds can pop up in lots of other places, so it's always worth checking any that are found.

It's not easy, but grinding for diamonds is well worth the effort. As long as players know where to look, they'll be flush with diamonds in no time.