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Fallout TV Series' Showrunner Reveals How The Games Changed His Life

The "Fallout" TV series has been well underway for quite some time now. While fans don't know much about when the show will be set within the bizarre story of "Fallout," they do know that there's a perfect lead cast and some serious Marvel talent being brought in. Additionally, the TV series has sparked debate among fans, as some excited viewers used a drone to capture images of the series. Regardless, as production progresses, the team is giving fans bits and pieces of information. The Director and Executive Producer Jonathan Nolan shared a bit about how the "Fallout" games impacted his life.

An official Beyond the Game video from Bethesda Game Studios on Twitter showed Nolan praising the games — after briefly joking he'd never heard of them — calling the series a "post-apocalyptic, humourous, dark, bleak, brilliantly written, annoyingly playable video game franchise." That's not all he had to say, though.

In fact, the Director actually argued that the "Fallout" games changed his life in an unexpected way. Earlier in his life, he set out to write the next great American novel, following in the footsteps of books like "Moby-Dick," "The Great Gatsby," and "Beloved." However, as video games have changed the lives of players before, "Fallout 3" left its impression after he played it, and he decided to work in television.

The relationship between video games and players

Nolan's story, while endearing, isn't the only time that players have claimed that video games changed their lives. "Fallout 3" had a profound effect on Nolan, and many other fans have talked about their own connections to the games in the past. For a number of gamers, "Fallout" has had a huge impact on their lives.

YouTuber MrMattyPlays posted a video discussing how "Fallout 4" changed his life, and his viewers left their own experiences in the comments. For one YouTube user, the game series helped them keep hope through extensive medical procedures. The game also changed people in other ways by introducing them to new things in life. For example, a Reddit user discussed how "Fallout" led him to meet people on forums, cosplaying at conventions, and eventually led to him meeting his significant other.

There are countless stories of how "Fallout" impacted the lives of people just like Jonathan Nolan. Many fans are excited to see what Nolan does with "Fallout" as a director because of his great work in the past and his passion for the franchise. Others are just hopeful that the series will be just as great as the games. Perhaps the TV series will impact some as much as "Fallout 3" impacted Nolan.