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Every Resident Evil Re:Verse Survivor Ranked Worst To Best

The "Resident Evil" universe is a dangerous place, full of flesh-eating undead and giant, mutated bioweapons. There's a reason most of the residents of Raccoon City and the world beyond don't live long in these games, but players have been introduced to several characters across each of them that excel at surviving in this cruel and violent world. A combination of stealth, weapon skills, and a liberal use of medicinal herbs has led these survivors to succeed against the greatest threats the Umbrella Corporation could cook up. But what would happen if they were forced to face each other?


"Re:Verse" was originally only made available as an add-on to "Resident Evil Village," but suffered a delay and was then finally released to coincide with the release of "Resident Evil Village Gold Edition." It's a 4-6 player competitive multiplayer game where players take on the roles of the most infamous survivors of the "Resident Evil" franchise in a battle for supremacy. Those who are taken down will temporarily transform into monstrous bioweapons that hunt those that are still human. There are six playable survivors in the game: Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong, and Hunk. Each of them has their own skill sets that lend themselves to different playstyles, but some are definitely better than others, and "Resident Evil" fans know that they need every advantage possible if they want to make it out alive. Here is every survivor ranked from worst to best.


Ada Wong and Claire Redfield

Two of the worst survivors in "Re:Verse" are veteran "Resident Evil 2" characters Ada Wong and Claire Redfield. Ada has a passive stamina regeneration skill called A Spy's Wisdom, and two active skills: Pipe Bomb Arrow and Somersault Kick. She comes equipped with a Broom HC pistol and a Crossbow. The crossbow is incredibly powerful, with the explosive bolts dealing massive damage on contact. This is useful simultaneously because of the radius of the attack and because the crossbow itself doesn't make much noise, which makes it harder for enemies to pinpoint the direction her attacks are coming from. The major drawback to this is that it can only fire two bolts before needing to be reloaded and the reload time is both slow and cumbersome, giving enemies plenty of opportunity to take her down. Her other abilities are also somewhat weak compared to other characters.


Clair is just a tiny bit better. Her passive skill allows her to reload her revolver while dodging and her active skills are called Adrenaline Shot, which recovers a small amount of health and stamina, and Modified Alternator, which is sort of like a grenade with electricity arcing off of it. She comes with a revolver called Quickdraw Army and an SMG called MQ-11. Clair is a good choice for players who are learning how to play the game, since her skills make it easier for her to stay alive, but she has few abilities that contribute to dealing heavy amounts of damage.

Hunk and Leon Kennedy

Leon S. Kennedy and Hunk are two of the more middling survivors. Hunk is difficult to rank because his skillset is fairly unique. He has a pistol called the MUP and an assault rifle called the LE 5. He has two active skills. Active Cloaking allows him to temporarily become silent and nearly invisible and then Assassination allows him to take out enemies with a dagger. Doubling down on this, his Tragedy of the Reaper passive ability allows him to extend the time limit on his Active Cloaking with each successful Assassination. This technique is no doubt powerful, but the short time limit makes it difficult to find the right time to use it, and while the LE 5 is decent, there is a better assault rifle held by some of the other characters.


Leon, on the other hand, has a passive skill that allows him to slowly recover HP over time. His active abilities are Dual Wield, which lets him use two handguns at once, and Roundhouse Kick, which deals a powerful close-range melee attack. He has a pistol called Matilda and a shotgun called the W-870. In combination, these skills make Leon a fairly well-rounded character who balances decent weapon skills and health recovery. His shotgun is also a powerful weapon with a surprisingly decent range. This makes him easy to use and another excellent choice for new players.

Chris Redfield

Coming in as the second best survivor is Chris Redfield. One of the two playable characters from the original "Resident Evil" game, Chris has always been a fan favorite. His passive skill in "Re:Verse" is called Pride of the Original Eleven and it allows him to deal more damage to bioweapons as his health pool gets lower. His two active skills are AMG-78 Powered Exoskeleton, which allow him to surge forward and punch enemies with a cybernetic gauntlet, dealing big damage and knocking down any human opponents, and Indomitable Spirit, which allows him to survive any amount of damage for a limited time. His weapons are the Samurai Edge pistol and the CQBR automatic rifle, which is easily one of the best starting weapons.


Chris has a lot of great stuff going for him. His exoskeleton punch is one of the best melee attacks in the game and his weapon skills aren't bad. The main attraction is the Indomitable Spirit ability, however, as it basically serves as a get-out-of-jail-free card for players to escape any time they are cornered or outnumbered and about to die, especially since his health dropping to just above zero means he deals incredible amounts of damage to bioweapons. There's one survivor who might be slightly better though.

Jill Valentine

The best survivor in "Re:Verse" has got to be the other protagonist from the original "Resident Evil," Jill Valentine. Her passive ability is called Last Escape and it grants Jill a bonus to attack damage after dodging. Her first active skill is Landmine, which allows her to lay explosive traps on the ground for enemies to trip or for her to shoot when they get close. She also has the active skill Hot Dogger, which is a special melee attack where she slashes at opponents with a glowing hot knife. This ability becomes an even more powerful upward slash when used right after dodging. Like Chris, she also begins each round with the Samurai Edge pistol and the CQBR automatic rifle.


In combination, these abilities make Jill a force to be reckoned with. She is perfectly balanced between short and long-ranged attack power with the CBQR and her Hot Dogger ability and her landmines allow her to control the environment in a way no other Survivor comes close to. Most importantly though, her Last Escape passive allows her to turn every dodge roll into a power-up that is effective against both human enemies and bioweapons. Once the player masters knowing when to dodge, Jill is nearly unstoppable.