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How To Make Extra Fizzy Root Beer In Disney Dreamlight Valley

"Disney Dreamlight Valley," Gameloft's early access free-to-play farming and life simulation game, has recently gotten its first major update. The Scar's Kingdom update introduces a new Disney character to the game, Scar from "The Lion King." Of course, Simba's uncle isn't the first villain to come live in "Disney Dreamlight Valley," as Mother Gothel from "Tangled" and Ursula from "The Little Mermaid" have already made their way into the game. As with many of the other iconic characters in the game, Scar will have a series of tasks for players to complete as part of his quest line — including obtaining some Extra Fizzy Root Beer to deal with a problem.


As with other quests that involve making a special recipe, making Extra Fizzy Root Beer will require players to obtain a special ingredient, different from the standard root beer players can make in-game. Here's everything players need to know about making Extra Fizzy Root Beer in "Disney Dreamlight Valley."

A special ingredient makes root beer fizzy

According to GameSpot, the Extra Fizzy Root Beer will become necessary early into Scar's questline in "Disney Dreamlight Valley." While exploring the Vitalys Mines in Scar's area, players will eventually find a piece of paper instructing them to use the Extra Fizzy Root Beer to clear a path to the pillar inside the mines. A quick trip to the nearby camp will allow players to pick up ingredients and use the recipe book just received. It'll teach players the recipe for regular root beer, which requires vanilla, sugarcane, and ginger, but that won't cut it.


Players will need to obtain some dried ginger from the camp to deliver that extra fizz, a recipe quest item. Instead of using regular ginger, the dried ginger mixed with vanilla and sugarcane will create the Extra Fizzy Root Beer, which can be used to clear the night thorns surrounding the pillar in the mine. Like other quest items, "Disney Dreamlight Valley" will restrict players from selling or using the dried ginger for anything other than making Extra Fizzy Root Beer, so there's no need to worry about accidentally wasting it.