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How To Easily Defeat Armored Enemies In Modern Warfare 2's Campaign

The campaign mode in "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" had a lot to live up to. Sharing its name with arguably the crown jewel of the "Call of Duty" franchise, Activision and Infinity Ward faced the daunting task of replicating the fan-adored experience, but judging by most of the early reviews, it seems that publisher-developer tandem has done just that with the title earning praise for many of its various components, including its difficulty.

A lot of this difficulty comes down not just to challenging missions but also to the diversity of enemy types and the frequency in which they're faced. Enemies range from your standard canon-fodder foot soldiers to armored-up juggernauts who will be walking bullet sponges and extremely hard to bring down. These pesky opponents, in particular, are called armored enemies, and unless players know how to deal with them, they're bound to cause some trouble for gamers attempting to eliminate them from the equation. Luckily, there is an effective way to deal with armored enemies that's also quite efficient, allowing players to move past these sturdy foes quickly.

Headshots will neutralize armored enemies

As players have likely guessed by name alone, armored enemies won't be soft targets. Most of their bodies are covered in bullet-resistant material, and they won't be easy to bring down conventionally. As a result, typical tactics like piling bullets into their center mass won't cut it — even if players use powerful weapons. Because of this, gamers will need to aim for a softer target that isn't as protected by the armor — the head.

According to Cameron Swan of GameRant, aiming for the head of armored enemies is the easiest and most efficient way to bring them down. "An armored enemy's weak point is their head, so taking a few precise shots at that area should remove their helmet, and allow a kill shot," Swan says. Davi Braid of Diamond Lobby echoes this strategy. According to Braid, armored enemies can be brought down in as little as two headshots if a player uses a high-powered rifle. Additionally, If players are pinned down by suppressive fire, Braid also suggests a grenade to deal some massive damage.

So long as players make sure to land some precision damage and keep their wits about them, they shouldn't have any problem dealing with the armored enemies they come across.