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Apex Legends: How To Jump As Far As Possible

In "Apex Legends," being able to outpace enemies and relocate quickly can make all the difference. As a movement-based shooter, "Apex Legends" gives players a lot of ways to get around the map quickly, most of which come from tactical and ultimate abilities. Learning how to jump as far as possible is sometimes the only way to get out of a bad position — and if you're going for the difficult Teamwork Badge, knowing how to effectively cover long distances is essential. 

In addition to map features like jump towers and gravity cannons, there are a handful of legends that let squads take to the skies to gain the advantage. Valkyrie has both of her jetpacks for personal mobility and Skyward Dive for the team, and Octane can boost his own speed and place a Launch Pad on the ground for everyone to use. Though it only affects himself, a well-placed grappling hook from Pathfinder can send him flying across the landscape at Mach speeds. 

There are other legends with movement abilities, like Wraith and her Dimensional Rift, but they don't let players jump over obstacles or cover a significant distance. To get the furthest with each jumping ability, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Valkyrie - Jetpacks and Skyward Dive

Valkyrie has two abilities at her disposal that can be used to cover a lot of ground in the air, as it were. Her passive only affects her, but you can't go solo in "Apex Legends," and she makes for a great team player with one of the best ultimates in the game for repositioning.

Valkyrie has a set of VTOL Jets that consume fuel and let her fly a short distance passively. When the player jumps twice, Valkyrie will engage her jets, and, if toggled, she can maintain her height and move horizontally in the air. To maximize the distance covered with Valkyrie's jets, jump up into the air and toggle this hover mode at the apex of her jump. However, don't do this when launched from a Gravity Cannon as it will cancel out Valkyrie's momentum entirely. Instead, wait until the last possible moment to activate the jets, which cancels fall stun.

Maximizing her Skyward Dive ultimate is a simpler task. To cover a greater distance, start the launch from a taller location. On King's Canyon, for example, launching from top of The Cage will let a squad fly much farther than launching from the airport. Try to go as the crow flies to the intended destination, as taking a less direct path means more time in the air, making yourself an easier target to those below. 

Octane - Launch Pad

While Valkyrie and Pathfiner are the only legends with two mobility-oriented abilities, that doesn't mean others lack in giving players airtime. In fact, with proper placement and planning, Octane's launch pad can be one of the best ultimates in "Apex Legends," as it gives a squad a rapid means of escape or ambush — and at a minute and a half to charge, it's one of the fastest-recharging ultimates in the game, too. 

To maximize the distance one can cover with Octane's Launch Pad, simply sprint up to it and slide at the very last second to take advantage of the slight speed boost that comes from it. Place the jump pad on a slight downslope to make this slide even faster, so players start the jump with even more speed. As with all of these jumping abilities, starting at a higher location means getting higher in the air. 

Octane can go even farther with his Launch Pad thanks to his tactical Stim ability. When used, Octane loses a little bit of health and gets a 40% boost to his speed while sprinting. To get Octane to jump the farthest with his Launch Pad, use his Stim ability, sprint down to the Launch Pad (again, one that has been placed on a downward sloping surface), slide at the last second, and watch as Octane jumps considerably higher and farther than any other legend — just remember to stick the landing with a slide.

Pathfinder - Grappling Hook

Pathfinder, like Valkyrie, has two movement-based abilities, but only his tactical ability lets him fly in the air. His ultimate Zipline ability is great for getting the whole squad around, but his grappling hook is what makes Pathfinder really shine. "Apex Legends" has changed a lot over the years, but Pathfinder's grappling hook still has the same slightly jarring physics as it did when the game first began.

If a player uses this at a target right in front of them and doesn't move, the grappling hook simply goes in a straight line. If it is aimed at the side as a player runs forward, or if the player presses a direction as they grapple to their location, they will be swung that direction as the ability runs out. When he reaches the target, the grappling hook normally disengages, but if a player maneuvers around it, the ability doesn't end, and Pathfinder will continue to build momentum. 

When the grappling hook is aimed directly up, and a player maneuvers around their target, Pathfinder is easily able to launch as high as some of the game's tallest structures — just maybe not the Barometer tower in Storm Point. When players use this maneuvering trick at a 45-degree angle rather than straight up, Pathfinder will cover the farthest distance horizontally. Sometimes, knowing small details in "Apex Legends," like how to control Pathfinder mid-swing, can be vital to get out of a tight spot. 

Map features – cannons, jump towers, and more

There are three major map features that let players jump: Gravity Cannons, the Geyser, and Jump Towers found on every Battle Royale map. Gravity Cannons and Jump Towers let players cover a similarly large distance while the World's Edge's Geyser only comes into play in one area of the map. 

Gravity Cannons give players an enormous speed boost and send them careening through the sky to a pre-determined location. Most Gravity Cannons on Storm Point have barriers at the landing point to prevent players using this momentum to slide across the map, but by moving to the side in the air and carefully controlling the slide on landing, it's possible to circumvent this and maintain the momentum of this massive speed boost. 

The Geyser on World's Edge is located in the eponymous central-eastern area along with sparse research buildings and Yellowstone-like scenery. The Geyser itself is smack dab in the middle of the closed-off area, but it gives players a short time to fly in third person, just like the initial launch from the drop ship. However, the Geyser doesn't take players very high, so to cover the most ground with this jump, have a good idea of where you're going and make a beeline for it.

The same advice applies to maximizing Jump Tower distance. Before even taking the zip up, have an idea of where you're aiming to go, and don't deviate from that path. Though this flight only lasts a few seconds, dip down and pull back up for a slight speed boost that can help squeeze out a few extra feet.