Apex Legends: How To Get The Teamwork Badge

Badges are one of the many types of cosmetics players can earn in "Apex Legends," but some are much more difficult to acquire than others, requiring players to wield immense skill or sheer luck. Some of these "Apex Legends" cosmetics, like the 4K damage badge, can be earned by playing well on one's own without the need to rely on others. Others, like the April Fools or Pride Month badges, are awarded automatically, and there are countless badges tied to the game's many events. The Teamwork series of badges (stylized as "Team. Work." in-game) are not so easy to get, with the highest ranking version considered to be "Apex Legends'" rarest item, let alone badge.


The badge is difficult to get because it requires a coordinated effort from each member of the team, made especially difficult as the badge progresses. To successfully unlock the highest-tier version of the Teamwork badge, a three-man squad needs to take out half of the lobby, each with an equal share of the kills. It's quite the feat, and because of the difficulty of getting such a task done, the fourth tier of the badge is one of the game's rarest. 

What is the Teamwork badge?

The Teamwork badge is rewarded when each member of a three-man squad kills a certain amount of enemy players. It can't be earned in duos or special game modes, it's locked to the standard "Apex Legends" Battle Royale mode. The Teamwork badge, like many "Apex Legends" badges, has a few ranks that scale in difficulty. Unlocking Teamwork Rank 1 requires each player to get three kills, Rank 2 requires five kills, Rank 3 requires seven kills, and Rank 4 requires each player in a party to get a whopping ten kills each. 


For each badge rank, "Apex Legends" punishes squads with the task of slaying huge chunks of the total player count. Rank 1 requires nine total, Rank 2 requires 15, Rank 3 requires 21, and Rank 4 requires a team to kill half of the entire lobby (assuming there are 60 players, which there are often not). Each rank also has a slightly different appearance, becoming more detailed and embellished as players earn higher ranks. Once earned, it can be equipped to any Legend's banner to be shown off in the initial loading screens.

How to get the Teamwork badge in Apex Legends

There isn't any one specific way players can go about achieving this prestigious award, but there are strategies to keep in mind that can up the odds each round. There haven't been any "Apex Legends" leaks confirming that this will ever be changed, so it's just as good a time to start going for it as ever.


The first thing to do, before even attempting to get the badge, is put together a squad of players just as skilled and dedicated as you. The entire team needs to be communicative and on the same wavelength, so be sure to practice for a while to really learn each other's tendencies, and play with different legends to find a combination that really synergizes.

Hot dropping, landing where most other enemies have also landed, can mean getting lots of kills early on – but only if you survive the initial onslaught. It can be a recipe for disaster, but for the final rank of the Teamwork badge, hot dropping is practically required.

Another important thing to keep in mind is balancing kills. If one player reaches the threshold for earning the badge and continues to down enemies, they are robbing their teammates. Be very careful when dealing red damage after breaking shields at this point, and start calling out the position of enemies close to dying rather than finishing them off. 


Getting three kills each isn't that hard to do for the first rank, but killing more than five enemies each for the higher ranks of the badge is much harder. Be patient, understand that failure is nigh-guaranteed, and thank the lucky stars when that coveted Rank 4 unlocks.