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Every Resident Evil Re:Verse Creature Ranked Worst To Best

Have you ever wanted to play as your favorite "Resident Evil" monsters in a PvP death match? If so, you're in luck. Capcom has finally delivered the game for you. On Oct. 28, "Resident Evil Re:Verse" finally dropped. According to the game's official website, this new multiplayer experience (which boasts cross-play functionality) tosses two to six players into survival revenge battles based on the "Resident Evil" universe. Players can choose from some of their favorite "Resident Evil" characters — including Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine — in a fight for survival.

In addition, throughout "Re:Verse" matches, players can collect virus capsules spread across the map. After obtaining a certain amount of capsules, downed players can come back to life to get revenge on their foes as a classic "Resident Evil" monster. Five different Bioweapons from the franchise are playable, all with varying strengths and virus capsule costs. If you're not sure which creature to choose, there's a pretty clear pecking order.

5. Fat Molded

It's pretty obvious that the Fat Molded, an enemy type from "Resident Evil 7: Biohazard," is the least fun monster to play as in "Resident Evil Re:Verse." In fact, the game seems to know this as well. Even the official "Re:Verse" website notes that the Fat Molded is the weakest creature. Furthermore, the Fat Molded is the only monster in the game that doesn't require any virus capsules in order to play.

However, the Fat Molded does have a few unique strengths, despite its middling speed and stamina. The most important of these is its Self-Destruct skill. Much like its counterparts in "Resident Evil 7," when the Fat Molded is killed, it explodes, causing damage to everything around it. In "Re:Verse," players can activate this skill at any time to eliminate their enemies, and the explosion becomes more powerful the more punishment the Fat Molded takes or dishes out. Even if not activated, the Self-Destruct will occur automatically upon death.

4. Hunter γ

Although it only costs one more capsule than the Fat Molded, the Hunter γ is a big step up in terms of strength. This classic toad-like enemy originally appeared in "Resident Evil 3" and, just like in that game, it can be quite annoying with its ability to instantly kill players. Using a skill called Devour, the Hunter can open its mouth — which spreads like a nightmarish flower — and then quickly bite down on the game's survivor characters, finishing them off quickly. 

In addition, the Hunter also has a long-range ability that evens out its ability-set quite nicely. This name of this ability pretty much explains itself: Acid Spray. This attack spreads on impact and deals a very small amount of damage. That being the case, every little bit of damage counts in an enclosed death match. Overall, the Hunter γ is much tougher that the Fat Molded, but it is still nothing compared to the top three "Re:Verse" monsters.

3. Jack Baker

Fans of the most memorable "Resident Evil 7: Biohazard" baddie, Jack Baker, will be pleased to hear that the character is more than sufficient as a revenge-dealing creature in "Re:Verse." The homicidal southern patriarch costs just as many virus capsules as the Hunter (just one), but also brings to the table a much more dynamic skillset.

Baker's first skill is a callback to an iconic moment in "Resident Evil 7," when Baker surprised Ethan Winters (the game's protagonist) by grabbing him from behind and punching him in the face. This first skill of Baker's is the exact same super-powered punch and is named after the words he uttered to Ethan in that moment: "Welcome to the Family."

Baker's other skill is the Chainsaw Scissor Whirlwind, another callback from "RE7," this time to his chainsaw-versus-chainsaw battle with Ethan. Baker's high HP and sheer strength make him a force to be reckoned with, and a strong middle-of-the-pack choice.

2. Nemesis

The second-best "Re:Verse" Creature is a fan-favorite character from the "Resident Evil" franchise: Nemesis from "Resident Evil 3." Just like in that game, Nemesis is a relentless pain in the butt to fend off in "Re:Verse." If you want to play as Nemesis, you'll need to scavenge the map for two virus capsules. That being said, to get to play as this monster is worth the effort.

Nemesis has two abilities in "Re:Verse," Pursuing Tentacle and Rocket Launcher. If you're wanting to target enemies in the mid-to-long range, Nemesis has the tools you need. Pursuing Tentacle is not quite what fans of the character might expect. Rather than shooting out his tentacle straight at his foes, Nemesis pounds the ground, sending tentacles shooting up from around that area for a nice mid-range attack. Unlike the tentacle attack, his second ability, Rocket Launcher, is exactly what you would expect. Nemesis straight-up pulls out a rocket launcher and fires a devastating rocket to hit enemies at long-range.

1. Super Tyrant

There's little doubt that the Super Tyrant, a.k.a. Mr. X from "Resident Evil 2," is one of the most memorable "Resident Evil" bad guys of all time. Because of this, it's no surprise that the character's final form made its way into the "Re:Verse." It's similarly unsurprising that he turned out to be the best creature character in the game as well. Both of the Super Tyrant's abilities are high-damage, high-speed attacks that close the distance between you and your enemy in seconds. If a survivor character is anywhere close, they're done for. 

If you thought the Hunter's instant kill was bad, wait until you see the Super Tyrant's own finisher: the Dashing Strike. In "Re:Verse," the Super Tyrant uses the exact same insta-kill ability that fans of "Resident Evil 2 Remake" have come to dread from that game's final battle. The only difference here is that you don't have the ability to cancel the attack by staggering the Tyrant. 

His second ability, Leaping Strike, sees the Super Tyrant jump forward for a downward strike. The versatility of this ability is impressive. In case a survivor tries to give you the slip, the Tyrant can actually change which direction he is facing mid-jump. Overall, there's little doubt of all of the "Re:Verse" monsters there are to choose from, your best bet is to go with the Super Tyrant. He's pricy at two capsules, but he is almost unstoppable.