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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: This Is The Best M16 Loadout For Multiplayer

The latest entry in the "Call of Duty" series is finally here with "Modern Warfare 2" now available. While the game does have a brief single-player campaign, the focus, as always, is the competitive multiplayer aspect. Infinity Ward and Activision are looking to improve on the experience with this latest entry in the franchise, tweaking various mechanics and adding some new game modes to the mix.


With online battles currently underway, gamers are developing, testing and revising their strategies and tactics to maximize their chances of success. With numerous primary and secondary weapons, accessories, and perks to consider, it can be a daunting task to put together the perfect build. 

The place to start is always the selection of a primary weapon, and many will, no doubt, go with the M16. While not as versatile as its cousin, the M4, the M16 has a slight edge on shooting accurately at range, and features both burst-fire and single-shot options (per The Loadout). For those who like to engage at range but don't want to commit to a sniper rifle, so they can maintain some utility at medium range, the M16 is a solid option. 


For gamers who favor this classic rifle, there is, arguably, an ideal setup to use for maximum effectiveness. This loadout plays to the strengths of the M16, favoring medium and long range accuracy and stability. 


In "Modern Warfare 2," an operator can have up to five attachments on a weapon (per PCGamesN) and each will modify the stats or functionality of the weapon in different ways. This means that not every aspect of the M16 can be modified, but five specific improvements can be made.


First, the rifle should be given improved optics, and both The Loadout and Charlie Intel agree that this should be with the Cronen Mini Red Dot. This sight offers a balance between short and long range functionality, which is perfect for the M16.

Next, the rifle should get a Corio Precio Factory stock for improved accuracy and stability. Eurogamer argues that the reduced movement speed is more than offset by the bonuses it offers. To further build on the accuracy and recoil control of the weapon, the Sakin ZX grip should be installed along with the VX Pineapple Vert Grip underbarrel.

Finally, players can go one of two ways with the fifth attachment. For those who want to invest even more in accuracy and go for headshots, Dexerto recommends installing a Forge-Tac Castle Comp muzzle. Alternatively, those interested in doing more damage and punching through armor should follow the advice of Eurogamer and swap out the default ammo with 5.56 armor piercing rounds.



Perks have long been a staple of "Call of Duty" games, but — as Charlie Intel reports — the perks system has been dramatically changed this time around. Now, players will be able to equip four perks before each match. Two will be base perks that are always active, one will be a bonus perk that unlocks after so many minutes have passed (and can be sped up by scoring points), and the last will be an ultimate perk that works like the bonus perk but takes longer to activate and provides greater benefits.


For the two base perks, M16 users should roll with Scavenger and Battle Hardened. The former will make finding ammo easier and keep the player stocked up and ready to fight while the latter will improve toughness and resistance in combat.

For a bonus perk, Fast Hands is a solid choice according to Eurogamer, and makes reloading and weapon swapping faster. As for the ultimate perk, Quick Fix will heal a player after every kill, making it an ideal complement for an aggressive M16 user.


The part of the loadout to consider is the extra equipment brought into a match. Each player can bring a piece of lethal equipment, a piece of tactical equipment, and a field upgrade that must be powered up and activated (per IGN).


For lethal equipment, Semtex is the way to go. Essentially a sticky grenade, Semtex allows for precise deployment of explosives. To balance out this stickiness, a good choice for tactical equipment is a Stun Grenade. This grenade will slow down enemies and, unlike the Semtex, will bounce and roll, allowing for angling around corners and down hallways.

Finally, for field upgrades, an M16 wielder should select the Portable Radar that will temporarily reveal enemy positions in the area. While Charlie Intel recommends the popular Dead Silence, this is designed for stealth builds, which the M16 loadout most certainly is not. Thus, it's best to take the advice of Eurogamer and stick with the radar to better hunt down foes.


When put together, this loadout should make for an effective, medium to long range build that plays to the strengths of the M16 and give operators an edge on the battlefield.