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How To Get Each Ending In A Plague Tale: Requiem

Now that "A Plague Tale: Requiem" has been with us for long enough for players to begin to hit the 15-20 hour completion ceiling, folks are naturally wondering about how many endings the game has, as well as how to get them.


It goes without saying that major spoilers for the game are incoming; you've been warned!

If you don't like the kind of game where you have to sit through several playthroughs with drastically different gameplay decisions to unlock everything, you're in luck. The game has two endings, both of which are influenced by one single decision in the last act of the game's sixteenth and final chapter, "King Hugo."

There's also a so-called secret ending, which is not as much of a secret ending as it is a post-credits cutscene. In it, patient players are rewarded with a short clip showing a baby infected by the Macula, keeping the franchise open for potential new titles in the future. This revelation will instill some hope in fans, who may have been disappointed by director Kevin Choteau's statement that the series is "for now, at its end."


It's also worth pointing out that this post-credits scene is not altered by which ending you choose.

Unlocking the Amicia or Lucas ending

Okay, friends, things are about to get tragic. No matter what you do as a player, Amicia's little brother Hugo is doomed to die. The Macula has fused with him, and the only way forward is to end his life. The ending you unlock is all dependent on who lands the final blow: Amicia or Lucas.


To get the Amicia ending, you have to shoot Hugo in the head with Amicia's sling, the very weapon she swore to protect him with. Once the deed is done, you'll flash forward to one year later, following Amicia and Sophia through the forest. Sophia explains that she's into more legal trading these days, and she then asks if Lucas will be joining them on their upcoming journey, to which Amicia responds that he's busy studying on the road.

However, if you hesitate for too long, you will instead unlock the Lucas ending. In it, Amicia will fall to her knees and cry out that she is unable to kill her brother. Lucas, apologizing, steps forward and shoots the boy with his crossbow. The same scene in the forest will transpire between Amicia and Sophia, with the only difference occurring when Sophia asks about Lucas. Instead of saying he's on the road, Amicia states, "He won't come. It's...I can still see him...do it."


Whichever ending you choose, the game will end with Amicia visiting Hugo's grave, to say one last goodbye before setting sail with Sophia.