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Scorn Has One Achievement You Can Only Get By Replaying Act I

After nearly a decade of development struggles, the bizarre and disturbing puzzle game "Scorn" has finally been released. The new title hasn't received unanimously positive reviews from critics, but there is a general consensus that it nails the atmosphere, narrative, and puzzle-solving elements that make it satisfyingly challenging. For fans of horror — and H.R. Giger in particular — this is a game that players won't want to miss.

Going in, however, gamers should be aware that this isn't a particularly long experience and it's generally lacking in secrets and extras. "Scorn" is definitely about playing through the linear story and taking in the experience rather than exploring every nook and cranny for bonus content. This is definitely a game that values narrative quality over quantity.

Given this design style, "Scorn" should offer a simple playthrough for completionists and achievement hunters. With no secrets or alternate paths to uncover, almost all the game's achievements are unlocked just by moving through the game's acts and eventually completing it. However, gamers that care about achievements should note that there is one achievement, or rather a pair of them, that can be missed and will require a second trip through Act I to complete.

A crane and a creature stand in the way of two achievements

The pair of achievements in question are Extraction and Hand in Hand and, as TrueAchievements notes, they are both secret and thus a player could miss one without even realizing it. Each relates to a different way to solve a puzzle in Act 1, so playing through the game will always guarantee one being unlocked but the other can only be achieved by going back and completing the puzzle again with the alternate solution.

Toward the end of the first act, players will encounter a challenge involving a large crane and a strange creature. Without spoiling the solutions or their consequences, suffice it to say that moving forward can be achieved in two different ways, which IGN lays out in its walkthrough. Once one solution has been found and its achievement unlocked, players will need to go back and replay the area again to grab the other achievement.

To avoid taking too much extra time, Pro Game Guides recommends saving as soon as the crane is reached so the game can be reloaded to go the other route quickly. Once both achievements have been unlocked, players need not worry about missing anything else. It's simply a matter of moving through the game and taking in the unnerving sights.