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The Worst And Best Guest Character In The Injustice Series

The "Injustice" franchise imagines a version of the DC universe where the Justice League is split. The series kicks off with Superman becoming a tyrant, and many of the heroes and villains of this world are on board with his new totalitarian regime. In the first game, Batman calls in alternate versions of these superheroes from another universe to join his insurgency and fight back. The second game follows heroes from this earth fending off an invasion from Brainiac. While both titles are mainly focused on DC characters, heroes and villains from other universes are often pulled into the crossfire.

Just like in the "Mortal Kombat" franchise, part of NeatherRealm's formula for the "Injustice" series is to bring in several guest fighters. These originally included characters from the DC universe, but they have also added outside characters, such as Scorpion and all four of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Giving these added characters unique combat abilities while also managing to balance them with every other fighter in the game is a tricky proposition, however. Try as NetherRealm might to keep its performance in line with the original cast, some of them are clearly better than others. Here are the best and worst guest fighters in the "Injustice" series.

Worst: Raiden

Heartbreaking though it may be, the worst DLC character in "Injustice" is one of the most iconic characters in NetherRealm Studios' repertoire: Lord Raiden. The god of Thunder and Lightning has been a part of the "Mortal Kombat" roster since the very first game, and he is generally considered to be well-balanced within that franchise. That's why it was so surprising — and upsetting — for fans to discover that he actually isn't useful when purchased as an add-on in "Injustice 2." This is especially notable when considering how effective the other "MK" character, Sub-Zero, is.

His forward movement and projectile attack are both slow compared to other characters in the game, his teleport is rarely safe to use, many of his attacks are overly telegraphed and easy to block, and the rest of his abilities are middling at best. There are a number of reasons for his low ranking, but it ultimately comes down to the fact that none of his abilities are strong enough to compensate for his weaknesses, and they don't lend themselves to any specific playstyle. That isn't to say that people who enjoy playing him in the game can't have fun shooting a little lightning around, but it makes him incredibly difficult to recommend as a viable choice in a competitive setting. It's a shame, because his super move is one of the coolest looking in the game.

Best: Starfire

The good news is that the best guest character in the series is someone many of us know and love. The bubbly Tamaranean princess Starfire was originally added to the game back in November 2017, but later became part of its first "Injustice 2" DLC pack alongside Sub-Zero. Fans of the "Teen Titans" animated series know that there is an absolute powerhouse resting behind this superhero's easygoing nature, and the developers at NetherRealm managed to capture that perfectly.

Her ability to fly gives her amazing mobility, and the laser blasts that make up the majority of her attacks extend her reach considerably. Not only that, but several of her move animations can be deceptive, like her Shooting Star attack, which allows her to blast her lasers from her palms while she rotates in the air. It initially looks like a simple jump, which can cause opponents to react incorrectly and take some serious damage. Her Tamaranean Charge ability also lets her dart through the air and grab enemies, allowing her to close long distances on more ranged opponents while keeping her fighting style aggressive. She is an incredibly strong zoner, and arguably one of the most impressive NetherRealm fighters of all time. In fact, Starfire is so powerful that many gamers couldn't figure out how to beat her. Some players insisted that she single-handedly broke the balance of the game and demanded that she be nerfed.

The studio may have to dial her abilities back a bit if we ever get an "Injustice 3."