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PSVR2 Release Date And Price - What We Know So Far

PlayStation is doubling down on its commitment to virtual reality. Earlier this year, Sony announced the PlayStation VR2, a follow-up to 2016's PlayStation VR headset. PlayStation touts the VR2 as the "next generation of VR gaming on PS5," and it's easy to see why.


The PS VR2 features impressive visuals with a 4k HDR OLED display giving players a display resolution of 2000x2040 per eye. Additionally, there are many other improvements to the original PS VR, such as headset-based controller tracking, 3D AudioTech, and eye tracking. But no matter the specs, the device is useless without some games to play. And thankfully, PlayStation has promised a sizable list of exclusives coming to the device at launch.

The biggest exclusive announced so far is "Horizon Call of the Mountain," a VR experience set in the "Horizon" universe. But there are still a few questions on people's minds. Specifically, when does the PlayStation VR2 release, and what will it cost?

When will the PS VR2 be released?

Vice President of Global Marketing Isabelle Tomatis recently announced via PlayStation blog post that the PS VR2 and a standalone charging station for the controllers will launch on February 22, 2023. But gamers can start pre-ordering the PS VR2 starting later this month, and players can begin registering for pre-orders now.


Gamers in U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg can pre-order the PlayStation VR2 via the direct.playstation store page starting on November 15. In every other country, gamers must pre-order via participating local retailers. These retailers will also start accepting pre-orders on November 15.

PlayStation also noted that the standalone games available at launch would also become available for pre-order later this month. And players will have a lot of choices, as PlayStation recently announced 11 new games coming to the system at launch in addition to "Horizon Call of the Mountain." These include "Cities VR" and "Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue." However, there is no word on exactly when gamers can start pre-ordering the games yet.


How much will the PS VR2 cost?

According to the PlayStation blog post, the PlayStation VR2 will retail for 549.99 USD, 599.99 Euro, 529.99 British Pounds, and 74,980 Yen. The PlayStation VR2 includes a headset, controllers, and stereo headphones. But there is also another bundle available to players.


Gamers also have the option to shell out a bit more cash for the PlayStation VR 2 "Horizon Call of the Mountain" bundle. This bundle retails at 599.99 USD, 649.99 Euro, 569.99 British Pounds, and 79,980 Yen and includes the headset, controllers, and stereo headphones in addition to a voucher code for "Horizon Call of the Mountain." But besides the inclusion of the "Horizon Call of the Mountain" game code, there are no differences.

Players can also opt to buy the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller charging station, which will launch on the same day as the PS VR2 and retails for 49.99 USD, 49.99 Euros, 39.99 British Pounds, and 5,480 Yen. This charging station lets gamers bypass the PS5 USB ports and directly charge their PS VR2 controllers into a power source.