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QTCinderella Opens Up About 'Devastating' Departure From TSM

QTCinderella is one of the most popular content creators on Twitch, with over 800 thousand followers. Over the years, QTCinderella dabbled in almost every form of content to entertain her viewers, from cooking and IRL streaming to gaming streams. She's also known for collaborating with other prominent content creators on Twitch, such as Maya Higa and Myth. Last year, her popularity and entertaining personality caught the eye of one of the biggest esports organizations in the world, TSM.

QTCinderella joined TSM as a content creator in September of 2021. It's not uncommon for esports organizations to sign content creators to promote their organizations. For example, TSM recently signed Tyler1's brother erobb221 as a full-time content creator for the organization.

During her time in the organization, QtCinderella hosted multiple livestreaming events. Most notably, the 2021 Streamer Awards and Twitch Rivals: QTCinderella's Sweet Showdown ft. Kitchen League. So, with her success under the TSM organization, it was a surprise to many that QTCinderella made the decision to leave the organization. And after she opened up about the departure, fans discovered that the reason for her departure was also shocking.

She didn't feel supported

On Twitter following her departure from TSM, QTCinderella opened up about leaving the organization. QTCinderella wrote that departing "was a heartbreaking choice but the right one for me." She added, "I need an Org that will help make my dreams become reality." In the replies, the content creator posted an image of a greater explanation she shared on Reddit that went into more detail.

QTCinderella began by discussing how much she loved TSM before becoming a member but wrote, "after joining I learned that you should 'never meet your heroes.'" QTCinderella noted that when she started the Streamer Awards, she excitedly messaged the TSM group, but according to her, no one cared. She followed up by alleging that anytime she offered ideas to TSM, she was met with the same uninterested response. And although she was dissatisfied with this, she wrote that it was something else that made her leave.

QTCinderella wrote that she "came up with an entire content plan for the ENTIRE ORG that was green-lit until the day I was supposed to sign." She explained that was the deciding factor for leaving the organization. She concluded with some optimistic words about the future of the organization. Additionally, QTCinderella explained that she might make a video discussing the departure in more detail. For now, fans will have to wait to see what the creator does next.