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The Real Reason QTCinderella Started The Streamer Awards

The inaugural 2022 Streamer Awards was a huge success. The brainchild of QTCinderella, the March award show hit 381.4K concurrent viewers on her Twitch channel, making it her most successful stream to date according to Streams Charts. QTCinderella hoped to honor the hard work and success of streamers — individuals who often fail to receive the recognition they deserve — by assembling hundreds of content creators for the event.

As QTCinderella shared on the official site, The Streamer Awards was the first event of its kind in that it was made by streamers, for streamers to celebrate excellence in the field, as well as bring together worldwide communities that have grown out of streaming. The fact that fans got to vote on the nominees and winners is a testament to the spirit of the event.

Naturally, an awards show of this scale involving big personalities brought its fair share of drama, to the point that QTCinderella temporarily set her Twitter to private post-event due to the overwhelming amount of negative comments she received. Many fans were upset xQc didn't win Streamer of the Year even though he wasn't interested in asking for fan votes. Plus, some people accused the show of being rigged since Ludwig won the night's biggest honor -– and he's QTCinderella's boyfriend. Dr Disrespect even exchanged some harsh words with Ludwig over the drama, though the Streamer of the Year winner has since cleared the air on the feud.

Despite the ups and downs, The Streamer Awards was still a hit. So, just one question remains: What inspired QTCinderella to start it all?

QTCinderella believes streamers deserve recognition and celebration

In a behind-the-scenes video about The Streamer Awards posted by QTCinderella on April 5, 2022, the mastermind revealed the real reason she started the awards show. In her words, "Streaming: it's really hard to feel like a purpose in life, because all you're doing is playing video games all day." As much as she loves gaming, QTCinderella shared that she really appreciates being invited to events. "That's my favorite," she explained. "To do something kind of out of my box, to meet new people. And people don't do that often, and so I figured, well, if I wanna make that happen, then I'll be the one that invites people, and that's kind of what inspired all of this."

QTCinderella also mentioned Sh**Camp, her past event with just 20 attendees. That experience inspired her to shoot for something on a much larger scale. She stated that her friends are big awards show fans, describing The Streamer Awards as "a fun way to get 250 streamers in one room and also recognize some people that have never been recognized." QTCinderella specifically called out Asmongold as an industry veteran who has never received an award despite his success. At The Streamer Awards, he got his first honor as Best MMORPG Streamer.

Thanks to the passion QTCinderella put into making this project a reality, fans and streamers alike can look forward to annual Streamer Awards moving forward.