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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Best Way To Catch Shrimp

"Disney Dreamlight Valley" may not officially release until 2023, but Gameloft has given early access to anyone with Xbox Game Pass and to fans who have purchased the "Founder's Pack" edition of the game. The charming life-sim, featuring everyone's favorite Disney characters, has players diving into the valley to farm resources, complete quests, and build and design their own dream homes. Over the course of their adventure, gamers will find they need lots of different resources to craft items that are necessary for quests. One resource that may prove a bit more elusive is shrimp.


Even though they can be difficult to catch, it's important to be able to track shrimp down as they are needed for a number of recipes. In particular, shrimp is required to cook bouillabaisse, which Goofy will ask for early in the game, so he can invite Mickey over for dinner. For those who want to make sure the two cartoon friends can enjoy a nice meal, making a couple of servings of the seafood dish will be a priority.

Fortunately, once one knows where to look and how to catch them, finding shrimp isn't as difficult as it may first appear.

Fish for shrimp on Dazzle Beach

To find and catch shrimp, players will first need to head over to Dazzle Beach. This area is initially inaccessible, but it can be opened up by spending 1,000 Dreamlight to remove the Giant Night Thorns that block the path (per IGN). Once there, aspiring shrimp hunters will need to head to the shore and start searching the water.


Players can cast their fishing line into the water anywhere and have a chance to snap some shrimp (or other fish and seaweed), but they can maximize their chances by focusing on circles of bubbles in certain places in the water. These circles will come in three colors (white, blue, and orange). Blue circles have the highest chance of yielding shrimp. However, if there aren't any blue ones, fishing other circles in the area will clear them away, eventually causing blue ones to spawn.

Simply following and repeating this process will, eventually, provide gamers with all the shrimp they need to cook a feast fit for a talking mouse and dog. Bring the haul back to the kitchen and throw it in a pot with the other necessary ingredients to whip up some tasty bouillabaisse. Bon appetit.