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Fortnite: How To Access The Tutorial Mode

It's been over five years since "Fortnite" first blasted onto players' screens, taking the world by storm. And since then, the game has shown little signs of slowing down as it still captivates a massive audience of 250 million monthly players (via activeplayer.io). Much of its success can be attributed to the game's ease of access, as players can battle it out on PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Android. But with millions of new gamers joining in on the "Fortnite" fun for the first time, some may struggle to grasp the game's more intricate mechanics without prior knowledge.


For years gamers have pleaded with Epic Games to add a tutorial to "Fortnite," with the argument that parts of the game can be confusing when experienced for the first time — specifically the building mechanics. Gamers reported that "Fortnite" previously had a tutorial mode for mobile, giving players a whole island to explore and learn the game. But Epic Games removed the tutorial from mobile after Apple banned "Fortnite."

That said, "Fortnite" just finally received a tutorial for PC and console players. Here's how to access the new "Fortnite" tutorial.

Pick the mode from the menu

According to reports, Epic Games silently released the tutorial mode on Halloween for PC and then on console the following day. Players must head to the Discover tab in the main menu to launch the learning mode. Players can sort the modes to "By Epic" and scroll to the left or right until the tutorial mode is selected.


After some fans went into the tutorial, they immediately noted that it was identical to the previously-removed mobile tutorial — and it won't require all that much effort.

Per Cycxlox on YouTube, the tutorial begins with the player on a bridge, instructed to run over to a marked location, and then jump or crouch through obstacles. Players are then shown how to use the Pickaxe before a shooting gallery appears for players to test out weapons and familiarize themselves with aiming. Once the targets are eliminated, the tutorial shares some basics on healing, such as how Medkits and Shield Potions work. Finally, the tutorial shows players how to build and open Treasure Chests. 

Although a lot of this info might seem obvious to long-time "Fortnite" players, it will undoubtedly help new players who aren't as familiar with the game.