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The Best Tips For Playing As Venti In Genshin Impact

The "Zelda" clone turned finger-lickin' good game, "Genshin Impact," has a ton of characters to play as. The game is highly loved and raked in awards for a variety of reasons, but for some, the characters are a major reason. Venti is one of the first characters players meet in the game and has an upbeat personality, so it's understandable why he's some players' favorite character.


The Anemo Archon has two extremely useful abilities. His Elemental Skill, or E, summons a vortex of AoE Anemo energy that launches enemies into the air. Enemies hit by the ability also fall slower than normal, and Venti can hold the ability to create a larger vortex and ride the wave of wind upward. His Elemental Burst creates a giant wind vortex that pulls opponents into the middle and deals constant Anemo damage. This effect lasts for a few seconds depending on Venti's scaling, and it can absorb other elements.

While Venti seems pretty upfront and easy to play, if players are unsure how to handle the small bard, they can suffer the consequences. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can help optimize his utility and keep players afloat in this challenging open-world RPG.


Elemental Burst sets up for elemental reactions

Venti's strengths lie in his utility, not his damage, and his Elemental Burst, or Q ability, is a major part of his kit. The Stormeye created by Venti's Elemental Burst is one of the most effective forms of crowd control in the game, and it sets up massive team combos by gathering enemies and opening the window for Elemental Reactions.


Every enemy caught in the Stormeye from Venti's Elemental Burst is dealt constant Anemo energy. However, if there's any Hydro, Pyro, Electro, or Cryo in the Stormeye, the enemies start taking damage related to the element present. This creates an opportunity for the rest of the team to swoop in and chain Elemental Reactions to dish out massive amounts of damage. One of the most effective ways to chain Elemental Reactions in "Genshin Impact," it's especially strong in a variety of team comps. It also means that Venti will be the first part of most team combos.

Use Elemental Skill as much as possible

Venti's Elemental Skill, or E ability, helps set up his Elemental Burst and provides more utility for the rest of the team. For instance, it's great for slowing advancing enemies while waiting for cooldowns on DPS characters, and knocking them up makes landing other abilities even easier.


However, the most important part of Venti's Elemental Skill is the fact that it generates Elemental Particles. Elemental Particles charge up his and the other teammates' Elemental Burst. This means that the entire team can use their Elemental Bursts more quickly. Players can then rotate between characters faster to chain Elemental Reactions and deal more damage. Generally, most teams want to have the quickest rotation possible because it's the best way to optimize damage.

To charge a teammate's Elemental Burst faster, simply use Venti's Elemental Skill and switch to another character before the circles of energy travel to Venti. This is good to keep in mind for charging Elemental Bursts in general.


Don't worry about investing too many resources into Venti

Pulling the gacha characters of "Genshin Impact" is only the first step in building a team. Characters have to be built, which means leveling the character, talents, and artifacts — finding the perfect artifacts — and building the perfect weapon. Any one of these activities can take hours to complete, and some rely on RNG drops that can take days of game-time, trying to find resin that's still costly despite a major change to Genshin Impact.


Because Venti is used mostly for his utility, he doesn't need much to make him an asset to a team. Where artifacts and leveling can help many characters deal more damage or use their kits better, Venti's in a pretty decent spot with basic artifacts. While the best of the best artifacts will enhance his abilities, he's a top-tier character even without them. Instead of wasting level-up materials or resin on perfecting him, work on the other members of the team first.

Essentially, make sure to utilize every part of Venti's kit in order to max out the utility he can provide — especially since he can boost your gameplay without much leveling.