What This Major Genshin Impact Change Means For The Future

One longstanding complaint among Genshin Impact players has been the implementation of its Original Resin system. In short, Original Resin is a limited resource that's consumed whenever players attempt to claim a reward from optional, recurring challenges. This includes rewards for completing Domains, which are repeatable dungeons, or for finishing combat challenges on the world map at spots called Ley Lines. Its inclusion has remained controversial in part due to how it has exacerbated the game's arguably predatory gacha mechanics. An upcoming update to Genshin Impact, however, is set to revamp the Original Resin system, ultimately requiring less and rewarding more.


Changes to the Original Resin system were detailed in an blog post shared by Genshin Impact developer miHoYo. The post outlined a number of additions soon to be made in an upcoming patch for Version 1.3 of the game.

First, miHoYo stated that undertaking any and all of the limited-time events set to be introduced in Version 1.3 will not require Original Resin. Thus far, spending Original Resin has been required to compete in periodic challenges introduced on a limited event basis. Now, miHoYo has guaranteed that all such events included in Version 1.3 will not expend any of the controversial resource.

While this will remain a trend moving forward, miHoYo has left open the possibility that some future events may still retain an Original Resin requirement. "The vast majority of large-scale events in future versions," rather than all future events, "will also not consume Original Resin," according to miHoYo.


Furthermore, Sojourner's and Gnostic Hymn Battle Passes will now reward players with more Fragile Resin, which is a one-time use item that replenishes 60 Original Resin. The Sojourner's Battle Pass is Genshin Impact's default battle pass, available for free to all players. Meanwhile, Gnostic Hymn is a one-time upgrade, purchasable for $10, which adds additional rewards at each tier of the Sojourner's Battle Pass. These will now, as per miHoYo's outline of the Version 1.3 patch, reward one Fragile Resin every 10 tiers, starting at Level 5, its fifth tier.

Previously, these tiers – Level 5, Level 15, Level 25 etc. – rewarded players with Mystic Enhancement Ore, which is a resource used to upgrade weapons. Though these tiers will now reward Fragile Resin, miHoYo has clarified that the same amount of Mystic Enhancement Ore will remain available, just at different Battle Pass tiers.

In the past, miHoYo has remained receptive to fan input, adding, for example, a waypoint item shortly after Genshin Impact's release. This upcoming update to Original Resin follows a recent patch that introduced a system rewarding players with, among other things, Fragile Resin for returning to a lapsed account.


An exact release date for Version 1.3 of Genshin Impact has yet to be announced.