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Dr Disrespect's 'Revolutionary' AI Leaves Fans With Questions

Dr Disrespect is an incredibly unique and popular content creator with over 4 million subscribers on YouTube and over 2 million followers on Twitter. Although the two-time already has a substantial following, he's always expanding and working on new projects. And over the past few years, Dr Disrespect has made big moves in the gaming industry.


For example, the Doc surprised everyone with his announcement that he was starting a games studio to build his dream FPS game. In addition, Dr Disrespect often collaborates with already established franchises, with his "NBA 2K23" skin being one of the most recent examples. And it seems Dr Disrespect has no plans of slowing down, as his new project may be one of the biggest and weirdest ones yet.

Recently, Dr Disrespect unveiled a new AI technology in collaboration with Bonfire. And although the Doc calls this new technology "revolutionary," not everyone is on board.

AI Doc, but why?

On November 3, Dr Disrespect Tweeted, "The only competition to me, is AI me." The two-time then provided a link to a new AI technology that creates: "AI influencer voice, AI influencer avatars, and AI VO (voice over) with more emotion." The Bonfire website explains that anybody with a subscription can easily make AI content of their favorite internet stars, and that the content provided would act as publicity for both the content's creator and the person the AI voice is imitating.


AI voice technology has existed for some time, with many streamers using text-to-speech to read off donations. But Bonfire promises to take it up a notch. Attached to the announcement was a video of Dr Disrespect speaking at an NFL press room. Shortly after starting his speech, the Doc gets interrupted by an AI Dr Disrespect, complete with an avatar and an AI voice. The AI then pokes fun at Dr. Disrespect's "Deadrop" early access gameplay while employing the same phrases and inflection as the Doc himself.

Although the response to the announcement by the community was mostly positive, with users such as XSET Ewok writing, "Finally I can make YouTube videos with voiceover," it also bred confusion. Some questioned the usefulness of AI. While others were unimpressed, equating it to a simple soundboard.


Still, despite the confusion, many have already signed up for the Bonfire early access. And who knows, maybe one day, this AI voiceover will take over Doc's stream and do the work for him.