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The Best Build For Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's FTAC Recon

Those looking to dominate the competitive multiplayer side of "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" should aim to gain XP and level up as quickly as possible. To do so, gamers will want to go into combat prepared with the right weapon. Further, they'll want to invest time into selecting the best options to maximize the effectiveness of said weapon.


As far as firearms go, many operators may come to favor the FTAC Recon. This rifle ranks high on many lists for its stopping power at medium to long range, striking a balance between the other assault rifles and longer-range sniper rifles (per Rock Paper Shotgun). If a player does choose to go this route, the next step will be creating a build around the weapon that plays to its strengths.

With a long list of accessories, perks, and equipment to bring into battle, crafting the right build is no easy task. Still, there are some strategies that stand out as superior for the "Modern Warfare 2" FTAC Recon.


As a semiautomatic rifle with high damage, the FTAC Recon is a double-edged sword. It can do a great deal of damage and take out an enemy in few shots; however, if an operator lacks accuracy, they can't rely on rapid fire to make up for it. Thus, choosing attachments that support accuracy are vital.


To this end, the first attachment to slap on is the HMW-20 optic. This scope increases accuracy and provides a modest zoom that will aid in targeting enemies at both medium and long range (per Eurogamer). Next, operators should follow the advice of The Loadout and add a Bull Rider 16.5 barrel. This barrel decreases recoil while adding velocity and damage range to rounds fired. All together, this allows a powerful weapon to pack even more punch while improving accuracy through reduced recoil. Further, it improves accuracy while not aiming through the scope for those situations when an enemy manages to get in close.

For even more improvements to accuracy, Dot Esports suggested attaching the Support CP90 rear grip. While sacrificing some mobility, this grip will aid aiming stability, helping to make every shot count. Next, an operator can get even greater recoil control with a Demo Precision Elite Factory stock (per Eurogamer). Finally, Prima Games advised the addition of an Edge-47 Grip underbarrel for more improvements to accuracy through aiming stability and reduced recoil.


All together, this set of attachments will play to the FTAC Recon's strengths, ensuring that enemies are hit and downed in the first few shots before they have a chance to return fire with a faster weapon.


With attachments set, the next step is to select the perks to bring into the match. Once again, the focus should be on working with the strengths and limitations of the FTAC Recon.

First and foremost, an operator should select Scavenger, which will make it easier to grab ammo and stay stocked up through the fight (per The Loadout). With a weapon that favors moving slower and carefully setting up shots, a player wielding it won't want to run all over the battlefield looking for ammo constantly. Further, players will want to listen to Dot Esports and grab the Battle Hardened perk to resist the tactical grenades that may be hurled their way while they're hunkering down in cover.


Rock Paper Shotgun advised picking up Fast Hands as a bonus perk to make reloading and weapon-swapping faster. This will be helpful in offsetting the slow firing speed of the FTAC Recon and ensuring that reloading in combat doesn't cost a kill. Finally, while some, like Eurogamer and Dot Esports, recommend Ghost as an ultimate perk, it's probably best to follow the advice of The Loadout and go with Bird's Eye. Ghost's stealth movement won't be overly helpful for a build that favors being stationary while Bird's Eye's zoomed out view of the mini-map will help players find targets at longer range.


The final step is to choose the right equipment to complement the FTAC Recon. This will include a piece of tactical equipment, lethal equipment, and a field upgrade. Here, the focus will be on providing the player with solid protection while they're concentrating on sniping enemies at longer range. 


For tactical equipment, a Stun Grenade is an excellent choice to defend against enemies that try to charge in close (per Dot Esports). For lethal equipment, Eurogamer recommended another defensive option with either the Claymore or Proximity Mine. Either is an excellent choice for protecting an operator's back while their attention is on enemies downrange.

Finally, for a field upgrade, The Loadout argued for equipping the Trophy System. Another defensive measure, this device will destroy incoming enemy equipment. Combined, this build will make for a strong defense and a deadly threat at medium and long range. If used properly, an operator can dominate the battlefield with the FTAC Recon.