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The Best Build For Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's EBR-14

The latest entry in the "Call of Duty" franchise, "Modern Warfare 2," offers the same combat fans have come to love along with some fresh twists like new multiplayer modes and weapons tuning. One aspect that remains constant across the series, however, is the importance of selecting the right weapon and build before heading into battle. With dozens of weapons of different types and plenty of attachments and perks to choose from, designing a good build can be intimidating for both new and returning players.

In debates about what weapon and build to roll with, fans tend to rank assault rifles and SMGs as the best weapons in the game. It would be a mistake, however, to overlook marksman rifles like the EBR-14. As Dexerto pointed out, these firearms, while lacking automatic fire, have the power, accuracy, and range to excel at medium and long range. With "Modern Warfare 2" featuring some larger maps that often reward more sniping over rushing into close range, the ERB-14 can be an excellent option.

For those who want to take on the challenge of carrying this rifle into a match, it's important to design a build that will complement it. In this endeavor, there are some specific choices that stand above the rest for the EBR-14.


Weapons in "Modern Warfare 2" can have up to five attachments and players should carefully select these to maximize the potential of the EBR-14.

To start, a Cronen Mini Pro optic should be added to enhance the accuracy of this long range weapon (per The Loadout). Widely considered the best optic that can be unlocked in the game, this will play to the strengths of a firearm that sits between an assault and sniper rifle in terms of style. To further enhance the accuracy of the weapon, players should follow the advice of Rock Paper Shotgun and attach an FSS Sharkfin 90 underbarrel. This will improve aiming stability, ensuring that the first couple shots will land on target, making up for a lack of automatic fire.

Next, Dexerto recommended a Polarfire-S muzzle to reduce recoil, further increasing accuracy over multiple shots. Perhaps more importantly, it also improves the velocity of rounds fired and extends damage range. Now the EBR-14 is not just more accurate but more deadly at longer ranges. Game8 suggested building further on these attributes with the Cronen EM55 rear grip which reduces flinching.

Finally, with all the other attachments enhancing accuracy and power, it's a good idea to give some attention to speed. While the EBR-14 is designed for a more methodical, slower playstyle, it will still be necessary sometimes to quickly line up a shot or sprint away from a dangerous situation. Dexerto suggested the SO R55 Adaptor stock to specifically enhance these attributes.


With attachments locked in, "Modern Warfare 2" players will need to turn their attention to the perks they'll select. Here, it will be a good idea to build around the EBR-14's mix of assault rifle and sniper rifle attributes.

With that in mind, the first base perk should be Tracker (per NME). This perk will allow an operator to better stalk their enemies, taking them by surprise and dropping them with a couple well-placed shots before they can counterattack. Next, The Loadout argued for Battle Hardened which will help protect against tactical grenades that may be hurled at the player as they snipe at enemies from cover.

Players should put Fast Hands in the bonus perk slot to improve reload speed and weapon swapping (per Dexerto). The EBR-14 is a slower weapon so anything to offset this weakness will be helpful here. Finally, Rock Paper Shotgun emphasized the utility of Ghost for an ultimate perk. Quieter movement and remaining hidden from UAVs will be invaluable as players move from one position to another to hunt opponents and line up the perfect shot


The last batch of decisions for a build in "Modern Warfare 2" will concern what equipment to bring along with the EBR-14. There are fewer options here but making the right choices is still vital to success.

For tactical equipment, The Loadout recommended Stun Grenades. These will be a good way to stop enemies from rushing in close and give an operator time to escape to longer range when cornered. For lethal equipment, Thermite Grenades are an excellent way to damage enemies and also force them out of cover to set up for the killshot (per Rock Paper Shotgun). Finally, Game8 suggested taking a Recon Drone as a field upgrade. This will allow an operator to spot and mark enemies while staying in cover. Once marked, they can then be tracked and ambushed from cover.

Put together, these selections create a build that perfectly complements the power and range of the EBR-14. Players will be able to stealthily track the enemy and engage them from longer range, putting them down with just a couple accurate shots before slipping away to take cover again.