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Sonic Frontiers: How To Beat The Final Boss

Since his debut in 1991, "Sonic the Hedgehog" has been on a lot of adventures, but nothing has been quite like the brand-new open-zone RPG experience of "Sonic Frontiers." Many critics have been mixed on the new direction this game is taking, with some finding it to be overly ambitious while others think that it is a great step forward for the franchise. "Frontiers" puts a major focus on exploration, giving the Blue Blur room to really stretch his legs as he runs, jumps, and grinds his way across the Starfall Islands. It isn't all boost ramps and collectibles, however. There are also several massive enemies gamers will have to defeat across this 20-30 hour-long title.


Once players have explored all four of the Starfall Islands, rescued all of Sonic's friends, and uncovered the mysterious ancient evil that has been awakened by Dr. Robotnik, our chili dog-loving hero will uncover the final boss: a giant titan called Supreme. At this point, the Eggman will give Sonic the final Chaos Emerald he needs to unlock his Super Sonic abilities, and Sonic will charge off to face this ancient behemoth. It can be an intimidating fight for many gamers, but there is a sound method to beating this goliath. Here's how to beat Supreme and the hidden final enemy beyond.

Fighting Supreme

Fighting titans shouldn't be anything new for the player by the time they reach Supreme, but the final boss has a few extra tricks up its sleeve. As soon as the fight begins, players are going to want to dive straight in while being cautious to avoid the mines. They should target Supreme's face and hit it with their best combos.


Be wary though; as soon as the screen moves, there will be a flash of light signaling that Supreme is about to unleash a 360-degree slashing attack. Players must be ready to dodge this attack, and then immediately come in to hit Supreme for more damage. Between these large attacks, the titan will also take several smaller swipes at Sonic. Be careful as each of these attacks deals a significant amount of damage and may knock the player back into the mines.

Once Supreme's health has dropped to half, a cutscene will play that shows the titan growing large wings made of pink energy and taking flight. This is where the fight gets really tough as supreme and the mines will begin moving. The player will have to weave a path between the mines in order to get close enough to hurt Supreme. At the last fragment of his health, Supreme will pull out his rifle and attempt to shoot Sonic. The player will have to pass a QTE in order to dodge the shot, get in close, and finish the battle.


Hidden final boss – The End

When the battle ends, Sonic and Supreme will launch into space. Here, the two will fight together to destroy the celestial entity known as The End, which is responsible for all the turmoil up until this point. Those playing on easy or regular difficulties will simply have to successfully complete a quick time event to finish the game, but those who are playing on hard mode will have to complete one last extra challenge.


This fight is very different from the other boss battles in this game as the player will now be piloting Supreme through space. They can move Supreme using the left thumbstick. Meanwhile, the left bumper will control the white Light Shot, and the right bumper will control the red Dark Shot. Players will need to match the color of their shots to the color of enemy attacks in order to counter them. Not only will this protect Sonic and Supreme from getting hit, but it will also build up a laser attack meter. Once this is full, players can pull the right trigger to unleash a powerful homing laser attack at The End. Mastering this particular move is only the beginning, however.

Fighting The End

Players will want to continually fire the entire time that they are fighting The End. The mysterious space entity will start by throwing waves of Light Shot, but then it will switch to waves of Dark Shot. This won't last long, however. The End will quickly switch to mixing the two together in combo attacks. For this, it's best for the player to start with one color, then quickly switch to the other, and try to dodge any remnants they might have missed.


After a while, red lasers will begin to appear on the field, which will limit the player's mobility as The End continues to attack with Light and Dark Shots. Gamers should switch back and forth in order to counter these attacks until the lasers disappear, and The End resumes its previous attack patterns.

The most dangerous part about fighting The End is a large laser blast that emanates from its center. This is telegraphed by a glowing core appearing at its center and a sound as the beam activates. Immediately move to either side of the screen in order to avoid this attack.

Variations of these attacks will continue in increasingly complex patterns. To win, players must continue to avoid the lasers, fire matching shots, and unleash their homing laser as often as possible.


Once it gets down to about 10% health, The End will fire one last mega laser, which Sonic will block. After this, the same last QTE will initiate that players face in other difficulty settings. Successfully completing it ends the fight.