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Sonic Frontiers: Release Date, Trailer, And Characters - What We Know So Far

Gaming's most hyped-up hedgehog is back for another adventure in the upcoming title "Sonic Frontiers," something fans suspected months before it was confirmed. Announced at the Dec. 2021 Game Awards, this game reveal came right on the heels of a new look at "Sonic Movie 2," making it a big night for the tiny hero.


There have been a ton of "Sonic" games over the years, but "Sonic Frontiers" will be the first to feature "high velocity open-zone" gameplay. The game's official site calls it "an experience like never before," so players can expect a totally unique flavor to this new game. Of course, combat will be the name of the game as Sonic conquers his foes throughout his journey across Starfall Islands. Then again, fans of other open-world titles who haven't dipped their toes into the Sonic universe might be drawn in by the "dense forests, overflowing waterfalls, sizzling deserts," and other vibrant landscapes that await.

For those who heard about "Sonic Frontiers" leaks back in October to those just learning about the game now, there's a lot that's been revealed in the meantime. Without further adieu, it's time to get all the details on "Sonic Frontiers" available so far.


Sonic Frontiers Release Date

Fans of "Sonic" may not have an exact release date for his newest game, but they've got something close enough. According to the reveal trailer, "Sonic Frontiers" is set to drop sometime around Holiday 2022, so players can look forward to a new world of Sonic mayhem just in time to cozy up inside and away from the cold. Even though "Sonic Frontiers" was originally planned to release in 2021 for Sonic's 30th anniversary, the extra time before release will hopefully give the creators the chance to deliver on promises of top-notch quality.


Set to be developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega, "Sonic Frontiers" is expanding on the powerhouse team by leaning on beloved "Sonic" comic writer Ian Flynn to spearhead the story. Once it's out, "Sonic Frontiers" will be widely available on PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Gameplay experience may vary by console given the increased capabilities of next-gen consoles, though this is yet to be confirmed.

Sonic Frontiers Trailer

The "Sonic Frontiers" reveal trailer from the Game Awards opens with tense music as Sonic runs through the forest. The camera zooms out to reveal a giant forest being torn up by aircrafts that are right on Sonic's tail. As an off-camera voice calls Sonic "over here," the speedy hedgehog narrowly dodges a vivid pink explosion. Somersaulting to safety, Sonic catches his breath at the edge of a cliffside, as if to imply a near-literal cliffhanger.


The mood shifts as ethereal vocals cue up while the camera explores a sprawling open world with mountains, forests, bodies of water, ruins, and more diverse landscapes. As soft, driving piano sounds accent the beauty of the atmosphere, Sonic emerges sliding down a hill ready for battle. As viewers get a close-up of his eye, a voice warns him that "it's too dangerous."

There's a cut to the title screen, but that's not the end yet. Right after, there's a colossal monster placing its giant foot down right near Sonic as he barely gets away once again. The scrappy blue protagonist looks up at his enemy and raises a fist before the trailer fades to black ahead of the final Sega logo.

Sonic Frontiers Characters

Since Sonic was the only character shown in the "Sonic Frontiers" reveal trailer other than a few nameless enemies, many players may not realize a few other characters have been confirmed for the game. According to GameRant, the voice actors known for Tails, Dr. Eggman, and Amy Rose are on board for the upcoming title. Additionally, it's been confirmed that the voice leading Sonic in the trailer is Amy Rose, so she'll likely have an important role in the game judging by this appearance that even the most hardcore fans may have missed.


As for what other characters may or may not be part of "Sonic Frontiers," only time will tell. While fans may not get the sexy Knuckles of their dreams in "Sonic Movie 2," the look at the upcoming movie revealed that some other suspicions about the character are true, including his role as an antagonist for at least some of the movie. There's no telling whether or not the movie and game will share any overlap, though there is a slim chance fans could get the Knuckles they wanted in "Sonic Frontiers," even if it doesn't happen in the movie. It will certainly be interesting to see how the canons for the different iterations of "Sonic" line up and contrast, especially given the franchise's historically convoluted timeline.


With the release of "Sonic Frontiers" on the horizon, gamers already have a lot to look forward to for the 2022 holiday season.