Sonic Frontiers: How To Beat The First Boss, Giganto

"Sonic Frontiers" is finally here. This new entry into the "Sonic" series promised to usher in a new era of "Sonic," allowing players to harness the speed and agility of Sonic while exploring a massive open world. But "Sonic Frontiers" failed to satisfy many critics. Reviewers felt that although the open-world approach to the "Sonic" series is a step in the right direction, it could be better.


Still, the mixed reception is unlikely to stop long-time "Sonic" fans from picking up this title, especially since it has been so long since a truly great 3D "Sonic" game was released, according to Reddit. And those that do pick up "Sonic Frontiers" won't be putting it down anytime soon, as it offers up over 20 hours of content, including multiple zones to explore and a handful of unique bosses to fight.

But not all of the bosses in "Sonic Frontier" are a cakewalk. For example, The first major boss the player fights, Giganto, can be frustrating to any player that doesn't know the boss' mechanics. So, here's how to beat Giganto in "Sonic Frontiers."

Preperation is the key to victory

The first step to taking on taking on Giganto is to prepare. This means exploring the map, finding as many Lost Kocos as possible, and bringing them to an Elder Kocos to increase Sonic's speed or power level. And because this fight is timed, the more damage the player does, the better. In addition, the more Rings a player has going into the fight, the longer they will have to beat the boss, so players should stock up on Rings before initiating the fight


Giganto is impossible to miss, popping up after the "A Grave Mystery" chapter in the main story. Once the fight begins and Sonic is face to face with the massive titans, players need to climb up Giganto's legs via the blue rings to make it to the top of the titan and retrieve the Chaos emerald perched on top. Once the player grabs the Chaos Emerald, Sonic will transform into his Super Sonic, initiating the second phase of the fight.

Parrying is the best way to take down Giganto

With the power of flight, Super Sonic has to take on the titan face to face, and with each second, Sonic loses a Ring, so players need to move fast before the time runs out and the fight is lost. The fastest way to take down Giganto is by parrying their attacks. And the swinging arm attack is easy to parry as it's slow-moving. After a parry, the player needs to press the designated button to launch a critical hit that does massive damage. Players must repeat this process until the final phase is triggered once the boss reaches half HP.


During the final phase of the fight, Giganto gains the power of a massive laser attack that prompts the user with a quick time event. But, besides the new laser attack, this phase is identical to the first. So, players must keep parrying Giganto's attacks for an easy and, more importantly, quick victory.