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The Halo Game That Takes The Longest To Beat

"Halo" is a fan-favorite first-person shooter series best known for its revolutionary PvP multiplayer. But that's not to say its single-player and cooperative content isn't also beloved. Throughout the "Halo" series, players have battled through missions against the covenant as Master Chief, Noble 6, and even an ODST. Additionally, these campaigns have their fair share of variety — with different types of action, often including vehicle combat.

But with six mainline entries in the "Halo" series and multiple developers involved, some games fall squarely into what fans consider the best and worst "Halo" games. For example, gamers often point to 343's first "Halo" game, "Halo 4," as the weakest title in the series. Not only do "Halo" campaigns vary in quality but also difficulty and length.

There's little debate about the most challenging "Halo" game, as "Halo 2" is universally considered the most difficult. It's so hard, in fact, that up until just a few months ago, nobody could beat the game on the hardest difficulty with all the skulls on. A feat that awarded one gamer a massive cash prize. But one question remains, what "Halo" game takes the longest to beat?

Halo Infinite is the lengthiest Halo game

According to Howlongtobeat, "Halo Infinite" is the longest "Halo" game to date. Gamers reported averaging 11 hours of completion time for the Main Story and around 25 and a half hours to do all the side content. The closest in length to "Halo Infinite" is the original "Halo: Combat Evolved," offering an average of 10 hours of playtime. Still, news that "Halo Infinite" is the longest game in the series won't shock long-time fans.

"Halo Infinite" ushered in a new age of "Halo," offering an open world for players to explore. In "Halo Infinite," players can traverse a massive landscape, slaying aliens and completing missions while armed with a useful grappleshot. In contrast, all previous "Halo" games were linear, with missions taking place one after another with little room to explore. The only exception is the "Halo 3" DLC, "Halo 3: ODST," which features a pseudo-open world.

With its new take on the "Halo" franchise, it's no wonder that "Halo Infinite" has become the game in the franchise that takes the longest to beat. Now it remains a matter of seeing if another "Halo" game eventually comes along to dethrone "Infinite."