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God Of War Ragnarok: Why You'll Always Want To Open Nornir Chests

"God of War: Ragnarok" is finally upon us, and critic reactions have all said the same thing about the highly-anticipated sequel being an improvement over almost everything in 2018's "God of War." Fans eager to dive in and witness the end of Kratos' Nordic adventure will have to strap in for a relatively sizeable journey with reports that it takes anywhere from thirty to over forty hours to beat "God of War: Ragnarok."

Of course, that playtime might go even longer if fans complete all of the game's available side quests. While we won't venture into spoiler territory, we know that players will head to all of the nine realms this time around, and that means there will be plenty to see and do. One thing that fans of the 2018 title will find familiar is the Nornir Chests. They've made a return for the sequel, and, while they are optional, it's definitely going to be worth one's time to crack them open. 

While gamers make their way through the lands of Norse mythology, they can stumble upon large sarcophagi-looking chests known as the Nornir Chests. Easily identifiable due to the three giant runes that decorate their sides with a light blue glow, these chests aren't ones that players will want to skip.

Nornir Chests give permanent upgrades

In order to open Nornir chests, one must solve a nearby puzzle. As GameSpot points out, the form these puzzles take will vary, but, typically, it involves finding the same glowing runes on a Nornir Chest somewhere in the environment around it. Whether it's breaking rocks or ringing bells that bear the corresponding runes, a little bit of exploration around the area can reward players with a solution. 

Within each chest is either an Idunn Apple or a Horn of Blood Mead. One sounds more delicious than the other, to be sure, but both of these items are extremely useful. Collecting an Idunn Apples will permanently increase Kratos' health bar while Horns of Blood Mead do the same for his rage meter. 

Throughout the game, there's a grand total of 15 Idunn Apples and 15 Horns of Blood Mead. When players find their first of each, the corresponding attribute will receive a permanent boost. However, the next time one upgrades their health or rage, they'll need two apples or horns. Following that, they'll need three, and so on. 

Again, these chests are optional, but "God of War: Ragnarok" is a long game, and increasing Kratos' health and capacity for tapping into his godly rage can definitely make battles easier to overcome.