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God Of War Ragnarok: Transmog Equipment Explained

After years of waiting, the sequel to "God of War" (2018), "God of War Ragnarok," has finally hit shelves, and critics agree it's one of the year's best games. Some gamers are even convinced it could snatch the title of game of the year from fan-favorite "Elden Ring." On top of continuing the award-winning story of Kratos and his son Atreus from the first game, "God of War Ragnarok" also brings new gameplay mechanics and quality-of-life improvements to the forefront, including one feature gamers have been begging for ever since "God of War" released.


One of the most requested mechanics from those that played the first game was transmog. Transmogrification is the process of changing a piece of gear or weapon's appearance without affecting its stats. With this technique, a player could sport a lower-level piece of gear that they liked the look of while still retaining the stats and bonuses of the higher-level gear.

The transmogrification of equipment was a feature that was highly requested for the sequel, as in the first game, gamers felt forced to use higher-level gear even if they didn't like how it looked. And it seems Santa Monica Studio listened, as "God of War Ragnarok" features a transmog system. So, how does it work?

Players need to max out the armor first

In a PlayStation blog post titled "10 gameplay tips for God of War Ragnarok," Lead Player Investment Designer at Santa Monica Studio Anthony DiMento provided gamers with some useful tips for taking on the sequel. One of the tips was how to transmog gear. The blog post explained that once players upgrade a piece of gear or weapon to the max level, level 9, they can apply the appearance of a corresponding piece of gear or weapon in their inventory. Players will need to bring resources to Brok and Sindri's shop to upgrade gear. Although, the resources needed for each piece of armor may vary depending on type and level.


But some gamers may not even need to transmog, as another big change came with the "God of War Ragnarok" equipment system. The blog post also mentioned that the sequel brings more options for what gear players can level up. According to the post, this change came due to players feeling that some of the gear was useless as it got replaced by higher-level gear too quickly. In "God of War Ragnarok," however, players can upgrade all equipment to level 9. So, players can upgrade equipment and mix and match it with other sets to experiment with perks and stats.