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Can You Pet The Dogs In God Of War Ragnarok?

"God of War: Ragnarok" is finally out and, based on critic response, it's nearly perfect. The sequel to one of the best games of 2018 builds and improves on its predecessor in almost every way. From story to visuals to combat, the new game surpasses expectations. On top of all that, this new adventure has something else the original didn't have – gloriously cute dogs (well, wolves technically).


This time around, Kratos and Atreus get around the world by way of wolf-drawn sled. This pair of good boys are already receiving plenty of love online and the means of transportation is being credited as a great addition to the franchise. While, as Polygon notes, the early hours of the game can be tough for animal-lovers with some animal-related tragedies befalling the father-son team, overall, the game should win over anyone who enjoys having some loyal, fluffy companions.

This, of course, raises the burning question, can you pet the dogs in "God of War: Ragnarok." Players have been asking this question since the sled wolves were revealed there's even a Twitter account devoted to asking this burning question about games in general. As it turns out, the answer is sort of mixed.


Get in one good dog pat during the endgame

Regrettably, it doesn't appear to be possible to pet these cute doggos as Kratos. While they serve as brave allies and a means of transportation, it's not possible to interact with them in any other way. That doesn't mean, however, that there isn't any dog petting available to gamers in the world of Norse mythology. For those who don't mind some spoilers regarding an encounter towards the end of the game, PlayStationLifestyle offers a preview of some optional dog petting.


As it turns out, towards the end of the story, Kratos will have a chance to meet Fenrir in the realm of Jotunheim. The massive wolf of legend turns out to be less scary in person and players can actually give him some nice chin scratches by walking up and interacting with him.

More importantly, and quite appropriately, doing so is necessary to achieve the good ending of the game. So, while the early game may be tough for those that care for animals, perseverance will be rewarded and, in the end, fans will get to show some love and even be rewarded for it. Santa Monic Studio may just have some dog-lovers on the team after all.